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Nextiva Customer Success Story: Blue Marble Media

Companies of all sizes and industries benefit from Nextiva’s cloud-based communication solution. While on a recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia, our team spent some time with one of the creative agencies we serve—Blue Marble Media—to learn more about their business and the impact moving to Nextiva’s cloud-based phone system has had on their business.

Blue Marble Media is a full-service provider of film and motion graphics presentations based in Atlanta, Georgia. Cara Barineau, Creative Director and Principal, likens themselves to an advertising agency that specializes in film, video and motion graphic who works with clients across the world. Since most of their clients are scattered across the United States and the world, telephone communication is key to generating new business, moving projects forward and communicating with clients. From weekly conference calls with clients to communicating with the video team on location, a reliable phone system is essential to Blue Marble Media’s business growth.

Blue Marble Media started out with a traditional analog phone system, but knew they needed a phone system that could support advanced features as their business grew. This led them to move to a VoIP phone system a few years ago. While the new VoIP system provided them with the features they were looking for, they were very unhappy and frustrated with the customer service they received. They knew they wanted to stay with a VoIP system, but needed to find a provider that delivered the great customer support they were looking for.

After a few calls with one of Nextiva’s experienced Account Executives, they could tell that Nextiva really cared about their communication needs and provided the customer service they were looking for. As Cara put it, “Nextiva made it so easy. Really phenomenal, patient, wonderful customer service. For a company our size, that doesn’t have an on-staff IT person, I really think Nextiva is a terrific answer.”

Since moving to Nextiva, Blue Marble Media has experienced more than just Amazing Service, including:

  • Advanced features that were once only available to large corporations help increase their teams’ productivity and efficiency.
  • Reliable phone service allows them to communicate with clients throughout the U.S. and the world.
  • As their business continues to grow and they expand their team, Nextiva’s cloud-based phone system allows them to easily add lines of service and features whenever they need them.

Meet Cara Barineau and hear her story in the video below.  

Nextiva Customer Success Story: Ruscomp, Inc.

Who says that small companies can’t have the same communication features and systems that large corporations utilize? Not us! At Nextiva, we believe every business, no matter their number of employees or locations, can benefit from a cloud-based phone system. The flat monthly fee per user and minimal equipment needs make it an ideal solution for small businesses with big plans to grow. Additionally, Nextiva’s cloud-based phone service has no hidden fees (kiss those service and maintenance fees goodbye!), comes with more than 40 features (hello endless possibilities) that will improve all internal and customer communication.

For businesses that rely heavily on their phone system to communicate with clients, such as Ruscomp Inc. based in Peachtree, Georgia right outside of Atlanta, unlimited calling and mobility features are essential to business growth. Ruscomp Inc. is a company of eight employees that creates custom facilities management software for large corporations throughout the United States and the world, and most of their customer support and client communication is facilitated over the phone.

Before switching to Nextiva, Kara Carpenter, Ruscomp’s Support Manager, said the company was plagued with call quality issues, lack of mobility features and customer service issues that lead them to seek out a new phone service provider. Once Ruscomp made the switch to Nextiva, they no longer worried about dropped calls, service reliability or support calls going unanswered. The setup process was a breeze, and the company was finally able to take advantage of the mobility features they desperately needed, such as the Nextiva App. Being able to take their business phones with them anywhere, on any device, via the Nextiva App has significantly increased the team’s productivity and improved the client experience.

The company recently moved offices, and the first thing that was up and running was their phone system. Since Nextiva handles all servicing and maintenance, Ruscomp simply plugged in their phones to the office Internet and were live within minutes. The company is growing and Nextiva offers them the scalability and infrastructure they need, at an affordable price, to successfully expand their business.

Meet Kara and hear her story in the video below. 

To learn more about Nextiva's cloud-based business phone service, please visit

Nextiva Customer Success Story: Carroll Organization

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to their operating expenses without sacrificing the features and systems they rely on to run and grow their businesses. With a cloud-based phone system, businesses get more functionality than a traditional provider, but at a flat monthly fee per user. This significantly reduces a main operating expense—the phone system. Over the past few years more and more businesses have made the switch to a cloud-based phone system for these reasons.

We love meeting Nextiva customers, learning more about their business, and why they made the switch to Nextiva. Recently, our team had the opportunity to meet with Pavan Nanduri, Director of Information Systems at Carroll Organization in Atlanta, Georgia who is one of the larger businesses Nextiva serves. Pavan began looking for a new phone system because the company wanted to cut costs and find a solution that was easy to implement at the high-quality multi-family homes across the country the company invests in and manages. The old on-premises PBX system they were using was costly to maintain, changes to the system could take days, and it was not a scalable solution to grow with the company as they acquire and build more properties. Pavan knew a cloud-based solution would meet Carroll Organization’s communication needs. This led him to Nextiva.

Nextiva provided the value, reliability and features Pavan wanted, at an affordable price that pleased Carroll Organization’s investors and partners. Additionally, by moving to Nextiva’s NextOS platform, the company now benefits from:

  • Quick implementation of Nextiva’s cloud phone service at properties they acquire and invest in. They can plug in the phones and be operational in a matter of minutes.
  • No service or maintenance fees, and all system upgrades are handled by Nextiva so the company always has the latest technology available.
  • Crystal clear call quality that reflects the professionalism of the organization.
  • Reliable service that ensures investors, partners and residence can always reach the company.
  • Easily transfer calls between the main office in Atlanta and the properties Carroll Organization manages throughout the country.

Meet Pavan and hear Carroll Organization’s Nextiva story in the video below. 

Nextiva Customer Success Story: Spectrum Eye Care

Making the switch from a traditional phone system, such as an on-premises PBX with limited functionality, to a feature-rich cloud-based system opens up endless possibilities for your business. Simple things like personal voicemails for each employee and easily transferring calls between locations may not seem significant, but can revolutionize your business. The Nextiva team recently had the chance to visit Spectrum Eye Care in Charlotte, North Carolina who now relies on our NextOS platform for their communication needs.

During the team’s visit, Michael Hall, Operations Manager for the eye care provider, shared details about the outdated system the company was using before deciding to come in to the “new age” and move to a hosted phone system. Previously, the company was unable to transfer patients from one of their locations to the other, and each office was limited to one voicemail box (they have three locations in the city). Providing exceptional customer service to patients is a main concern of the medical office, and they knew they needed to find a solution that would provide reliable service as well as new communication features they wanted to take advantage of.

After doing extensive research, Michael found Nextiva, and knew that it was the right fit based on the shared value of providing exception customer service. Initially, the company was nervous about the switch to a VoIP system, but the Nextiva team was there every step of the way for their implementation to ensure their phones, features and call flows were set up correctly. Since moving to Nextiva, Spectrum has taken advantage of the feature-rich system and experienced the below benefits:

  • Reliability: Patients must be able to get in touch with staff and/or a doctor when an urgent situation arises. Nextiva’s reliable platform ensures that patients can always reach staff and/or a doctor that can help them.
  • Scalability: The medical office can easily add lines of service in minutes or implement a small call center without having to invest in costly equipment and infrastructure.
  • Improved internal communications: Communication between offices and employees has become seamless, providing patients with an improved customer experience and reducing miscommunication and frustration for staff.

Nextiva Office and the NextOS platform, our VoIP product, changed the way the company communicated with patients and fellow employees, but they didn’t stop there. Spectrum Eye Care implemented additional Nextiva services to further grow their business, including:

  • Nextiva Call Center: The company has three busy locations throughout the city, and implementing a small call center in their main office allows them to easily take calls from one central location and route patients to the appropriate office or employee without forcing them to hang up and call a different number.
  • Nextiva vFAX: All Nextiva Office customers receive a FREE virtual faxing account when they sign up with Nextiva. For a company that is constantly faxing patient prescriptions and medical records, they love that they never experience a busy signal when sending a fax and faxes are stored electronically for easy reference.

Meet Michael and hear Spectrum Eye Care’s Nextiva story.  

Nextiva Customer Success Story: Progressive Medical Center

Progressive Medical Center is a national integrated medical clinic headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They cater to patients with a variety of medical conditions and each center contains a blend of MDs and naturopaths that work together to help patients identify the root cause of their symptoms. With plans to expand the number of locations in the coming years, Progressive Medical Center was in need of a scalable phone solution that could easily grow with their business.

After looking at past few invoices and noticing that their service fees were consistently high every month, Progressive Medical Center knew they needed to switch to a phone solution that better fit their business needs. Carey Spurgeon, New Patient Acquisition Manager, explained the importance a reliable phone service, attentive support and no service or maintenance fees were for their business. After extensive research, they found that Nextiva met all their criteria for the ideal phone service provider. Nextiva’s 100% U.S.-based support takes care of all Progressive Medical Center’s questions and account updates at no additional fee, significantly reducing their operating expenses.

Implementing Nextiva’s cloud-based business phone system has provided Progressive Medical Center with many benefits, including:

  • Opening more locations across the U.S.: With plans to open more locations and grow their staff across the country, Nextiva’s phone solution easily connect all of their offices and additional lines of service can be added to their account in minutes.
  • Flat monthly fee per user: Unlimited long distance calling within the United States and Canada has saved the company significantly.
  • No service fees or hidden costs: All customer support and system maintenance is included in Nextiva’s flat monthly fee per user. Now Progressive Medical Center always has the latest technology and can make changes to their account and call flows without the fear of racking up an expensive service bill.
  • Reliable service and exceptional call quality: It is imperative that patients can creach the medical offices whenever there is an emergency, so they need reliable service with crisp call quality to build trust with the staff and physicians over the phone.
  • Employees have access to their business phone anywhere: Medical emergencies don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule and can happen at any time. The Nextiva App allows doctors and staff to stay connected and assist patients with emergencies so they get the care they need, when they need it.

Meet Carey Spurgeon, New Patient Acquisition Manager, and hear her share her story in the video below. 

Nextiva Customer Success Story: Charlotte Geek

At Nextiva, our goal is to simplify business communication so you can focus on the important stuff, such as running your business. Our products and features are designed with the busy professional who is always on the go in mind. Our cloud-based phone system allows users to increase their productivity, flexibility and mobility with the NextOS platform. We are excited to introduce you to Charlotte Geek, one of the businesses we serve that takes full advantage of our mobility features.

North Carolina-based Charlotte Geek is an IT collective made up of IT professionals who have been permitted by their current employers to assist other small businesses in the area with IT skills that they do not currently have. Paying a monthly fee for an IT consultant is not realistic for many small businesses, especially those that only need assistance with technology-related questions or issues a few times a month. Charlotte Geek provides these local businesses with an affordable resource that is essential to their business success. IT professionals that are a part of the collective are scattered throughout the city and work on an as-needed basis for Charlotte Geek. These IT professionals are often on location and needed a phone system that they could access from anywhere so they didn’t have to provide multiple numbers to their clients.

Daniel Pentecost, Founder of Charlotte Geek, and his team were in need of a phone system that provided them with all of the traditional features of a business phone system, but allowed them to access their phone while out in the field. Additionally, they wanted to have the ability to easily transfer calls from their desk phone to their cell phone, without the client they were currently speaking with knowing as they are frequently running from one location to the next.

The NextOS platform, and specifically the Nextiva App, provides Charlotte Geek with numerous business benefits, including:

  • Mobility: Charlotte Geek IT professionals are always on the go, and they need to have the ability to easily transfer a call, put a client on hold, or instant message a colleague, which is all made possible by the Nextiva App.
  • HD Voice: Crystal clear voice quality is essential for Charlotte Geek. The team is often on the road running between client appointments, and the HD Voice feature builds trust with their clients and shows them that they are a professional company that will take care of their IT needs.
  • Amazing Service: Charlotte Geek knows they can count on Nextiva to make updates to their account quickly so they don’t experience service interruptions, whcih are common with traditional phone providers.

When discussing the importance of Charlotte Geek’s phone system, Daniel said, “A phone is the lifeline of our business, and I absolutely consider Nextiva to be that lifeline for us.”

Meet Daniel and hear his story in the video below:  

Nextiva Customer Success Story: Defy Gravity

We love visiting the businesses we serve and learning more about their business and how they use their phone system. On a recent trip to North Carolina, we had the pleasure of visiting Defy Gravity, an indoor trampoline park based in Charlotte, North Carolina, with other locations throughout the state. With 10,000 square feet of open jump space, a dodge ball court, basketball hoops, and foam pits, it is an exciting activity park that all ages enjoy. They recently added a ninja course featuring 13 obstacles that young and old can experience and conquer. The trampoline park also hosts a variety of parties and events, from birthdays to company team builders.

The company had previously tried another VoIP provider at their other locations, but was dissatisfied and frustrated with the customer service they received. When opening their Charlotte location, they knew they wanted to go with a different provider and did extensive research, which led them to Nextiva. From their first call with an Account Executive to setting up their system and making adjustments along the way, Nextiva’s team has been there for them every step of the way.

Delinda Hernandez, General Manager, told us about how the trampoline park uses Nextiva’s cloud phone service to communicate with customers and grow their business. Defy Gravity has received multiple benefits from switching to Nextiva, including:

  • Instant Updates: Changes to Defy Gravity’s phone system can be done with one phone call to Nextiva’s Amazing Support team. Also, Nextiva handles all maintenance and service upgrades to their phone system at no additional charge.
  • Reliable customer support: Nextiva’s support team is dedicated to resolving any issues that arise and will stay on the phone until they confirm that everything is working correctly.
  • Scales with business growth: Defy Gravity plans to add more parks in the future, and Nextiva’s cloud-based platform allows them to add users and additional locations to their Nextiva account in a matter of minutes.

Meet Delinda and hear her story in the video below: 


Nextiva Customer Success Story: HagBros Precision

Nextiva customer Hagbros Precision is a manufacturing solutions provider that designs and produces competitively priced molds at their Round Rock, Texas headquarters just north of Austin. Developed by a group of inventors, entrepreneurs, and metal workers, Hagbros focuses on precision tooling, mold making, and customer focused manufacturing solutions.

We met with Roya Foroughi, Project Manager at Hagbros, to learn more about how their team uses their Nextiva phone system on a day-to-day basis. “One of the things that’s really important is being able to talk to our customers on a regular basis, because one of the things we do is custom-order parts and machinery,” said Roya. “Having a good quality phone system that works around the clock is really important.”

Prior to Nextiva, Roya had to provide customers with multiple phone numbers to reach employees at their two different office locations. With Nextiva’s advanced call forwarding options, she’s now able to transfer phone calls to other team members, creating a much smoother customer experience. “If we have the connection between our two buildings, it makes things seamless,” explained Roya.

Another obstacle that the Hagbros team was able to overcome by switching to Nextiva was the necessity of clear call quality. Roya says, “When our engineers are on the phone with customers talking about parts they’re trying to order, it’s really important that they have clear conversations so they can hear the precise measurements.”

Meet Roya and the Hagbros team:


Customer Success Story: ABBOTT Engineering

We always enjoy meeting with Nextiva customers and recently had the pleasure of meeting the team at ABBOTT Engineering in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. ABBOTT Engineering is a full service HVAC and plumbing design firm that serves the greater San Diego area with building energy optimization, plumbing, humidification, engineering reports, and more.

Louis Abbott, President and CEO, told us about how his growing team of mechanical engineers uses Nextiva’s cloud phone service to keep in touch with contractors and clients. His business received multiple benefits from switching to a VoIP system, including:

  • Affordability– Previously, the team at ABBOTT had a single cordless phone that they passed throughout their 10-person office. Now, each employee is able to have their own desk phone at a price that the company can easily afford.
  • Scalability – Louis has enjoyed how easy it is to add new phone lines as his team continues to grow.  “All we have to do is just plug it in, and it works,” Louis says. “It caters towards growth.”
  • Advanced Features – Louis’s team enjoys utilizing Nextiva’s phone functions, especially voicemail-to-email and call forwarding so they can receive messages when out of the office (and on surf breaks!)
  • Accessible Customer Support – The ABBOTT team is able to reach out to the Nextiva support team whenever they have a question or issue so they can spend their day focusing on what they excel at: mechanical engineering.
  • Enhanced Company Image – The professional features and organized forwarding that Nextiva has put into place for the ABBOTT Engineering team has allowed their 10-person team to project the image of a larger company.

Meet Louis and hear his story:

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