5 Ways to Learn New Business Skills to Advance Your Career

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Whether you are looking to advance your career or just keep up with evolving technology, learning new business skills is a must for today’s career-oriented professional.

There is a growing trend of companies placing more value on an employee’s skillsets and experience rather than their level of education. This is great news for someone who isn’t looking to spend $150,000+ on a graduate degree.


5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Innovate Better Than the Big Guys

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There's no escaping it — small companies must be flexible enough to continuously react to changes in the business environment. Reaction definitely keeps your business alive, but it takes a proactive, innovative approach to encourage growth. Innovation can (and should) come from anyone on your team, and your close-knit relationships actually put you in a better position to innovate than many of your largest competitors.


Mondays with Mike: Financial Advice You Should Ignore

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Advice is everywhere.  In most cases, you don’t even have to ask for it.  Whether it’s your brother in law, your grandmother, or your competition, you’re sure to get advice from all directions when you’re starting your business.  Here’s the thing, though:  some advice is terrible.  Some advice can actually make it harder to run a successful business.  The trick is learning to weed out the bad advice from the good.  Here are suggestions you should feel free to ignore:


Why Hiring Only Superstars Can Hurt Your Business

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Building a team with great people has always been the key to a successful business. To achieve this, some companies recruit superstars from their competitors or similar industries where their skills are transferable.

Unfortunately, like in sports, there are many examples where these business superstars who are successful at one company are not at their new one. For example, Ron Johnson, Apple’s Vice President of Retail, who revolutionized the industry with Apple stores, lasted less than two years when he was drafted by JCPenny’s to turn around their retail efforts. Marissa Mayer, Vice President at Google was not able to successfully guide Yahoo! as its President and CEO.


Mondays with Mike: Show and Tell – Examples of Great Sales Pitches

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Unless you’re one of the fortunate few, part of your everyday business is reaching out to new potential clients – working to bring in revenue from untapped sources.  We all know the trouble though.  You’re almost never without competition for your prospects’ dollars.  How do you make your pitch stand out from the crowd?

Use these strategies.  And because it’s easier to understand the concept when you see it in action, I’ve included examples of how each strategy can work to bring you new business!


What Your Business Can Borrow from the “Good Old Days”

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Even baby boomers, whose parents were young during the Great Depression, grew up hearing about “the good old days”. Every generation has its own version of that magical time, even though they all grew up in a world that seemed on the verge of imploding. I know a woman in her 90s who still fondly reminisces about taking a pillow to sleep on the beach because it was too hot to sleep in her third-floor walkup before the advent of air conditioning.


Dig Deeper: What can you learn from your call data?

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Imagine you had a magic magnifying glass that could give you an inside look into a micro-part of your business. Where would you look? What secrets would you want to uncover?

What you’re seeking is data – rich and valuable business insights to help you make decisions and run your business in an optimal manner. That’s where analytics comes in. Business analytics has the ability to deliver unprecedented insights into the inner-workings of your company. It can allow you to raise that magnifying glass to many areas of your operations, including employee activity, team statistics, marketing campaign data, and overall company performance. But that’s really just the beginning. The real question is, why aren’t more companies taking advantage of this? After all, it’s no secret that big data has come a long way. We should be diving in and uncovering the hidden secrets of our businesses in order to make smarter and more informed decisions about things like staffing, campaign management, hiring, and more. With that in mind, here are some examples of how analytics can work for you: