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Receive Greater Benefits From VoIP With Teleconferencing Equipment

Through the continued use of conferencing applications smaller businesses are able to greatly enhance the reach and scope of their communication. An enhanced communicational scope means a greater business reach, regardless of the global location of their intended recipients.
Through technological advancement in telecommunications products, businesses are able to take advantage of a number of conferencing tools including both video and audio conferencing solutions. While audio conferencing is much more widely accepted and considered by most to have greater benefits in terms of affordability, video conferencing is rapidly gaining popularity in the small business world.
VoIP teleconferencing equipment affords users to tend to business and client meetings in a virtualized environment, hence eliminating the need for costly and often hard to plan business trips since each attendee can be stationed at their business office and attend the meeting over the VoIP-Internet network.
More beneficially, it provides users with the ability to engage in a multitude of interactions and simulates a real-life conference experience. VoIP teleconference equipment is available in a variety of options depending on the unique needs of the business and can often be integrated with a number of computerized applications to further enhance the overall experience.
Using business VoIP to facilitate a teleconference allows users to realize the benefits of a teleconferencing scenario while taking advantage of the many great benefits of VoIP technology. VoIP conferencing equipment is similar in appearance to traditional appearance and provides many of the same features such as volume control and redial.
Following the widespread acceptance of VoIP for business use, VoIP based conferencing equipment has gained significant ground in terms of popularity and functionality – resulting in considerable cost savings across the board. Having realized the economical benefits of Internet based communications compared to conventional telephony, small businesses now willingly accept VoIP usage in a conferencing environment. Moreover, they appreciate the ability to launch a conference or call from any location, even outside of the office environment.
Nextiva sells a number of security enhanced and affordable teleconferencing products, designed to meet the needs of any small business.

VoIP Is More Than Just A Cheap Phone Service

By definition, VoIP, to most is synonymous with cheap telephone calls. Voice over IP offers so much more than unlimited local and International calling. One of the often overlooked features of business VoIP is the Web Conference.

Web conferencing capabilities, used with VoIP service, offer many advantageous benefits to the business market. Participants world wide are able to attend business discussions or conferences, in a real time environment, without ever leaving their desks. More importantly, it also allows attendees to virtually share documents, files, videos and presentations instantly.

Invited participants have the ability to follow along with the main speakers computer screen as they show slides, or highlight important information on a whiteboard. This technology is especially beneficial to distant offices, with parent companies in different countries, since web conferencing eliminates the need for travel and works to ensure a proactive group environment – where everyone is always on the same page.

Using the Internet, and voice over IP telephony, to host such events is becoming increasingly popular as a medium by which to train employees and new hires. Instead of having a training facilitator travel between multiple locations, businesses are now opting to connect every employee with the facilitator via web conference. Not only does this save a great deal of time and money, but it also helps to ensure that all employees are receiving the same information in a real time fashion. Hosting training events via the Internet, also helps to decrease the amount of disposable material required, since documents can be viewed online and then stored for review at a later date. Thus reducing the need for paper and ink consumption.

It has been reported that businesses who capitalize on voice over IP web conferencing functions often see a large increase in employee productivity. This can be attributed to the fact that all employee receive the same information, in an easy to digest format, reducing the confusion and stress that can often arise as result of incomprehension or misinterpretation of information. This is particularly true of businesses who incorporate high definition VoIP into their web conferencing platforms. HD VoIP provides high quality voice and clarity, especially when multiple speakers are involved or one speaker has a thick accent.

Real time web conferencing is just one of the many benefits that voice over IP brings to the business world. To discuss the other ground breaking features available, contact your hosted VoIP provider today.

Improve Communication With VoIP Web Conferencing

What if businesses never had to pay to send CEO’s and executives between globally dispersed office locations to attend important business conferences or meetings? Or to mail important documents and contracts between head offices and subsidiaries? With voice over IP and promising advances to web conferencing the need for business travel is reduced.

Working in conjunction with voice over IP, VoIP conferencing allows business professionals to work more intelligently. In a VoIP conference environment, participants access a software application that permits them to share information and collaborate with colleagues, in a real-time environment.

The main benefit associated with using a VoIP conferencing platform is the ability to save both time and money. The time spent in the initial meeting planning process is reduced, since there is no need to plan around travel times. Businesses are able to quickly host meetings, virtually, with each participant connected via their personal computer system.

By forgoing the expenses associated with conventional travel, small business professionals are able to reduce time, money and energy. Using a VoIP conferencing tool also allows businesses to reach a global scope of business potentials, while freeing up funds to be allocated to more needed areas of the business.

Voice over IP based web conferencing systems provide the same basic features of a traditional conference on a virtual platform. Participants are able to utilize both audio and video on a voice over IP plan, while still having access to important tools like, whiteboards, slide shows, file sharing and other features allowing participants to interact and access the information presented simultaneously.

Using voice over IP in web conferencing scenarios will greatly increase both productivity and collaboration, since all participants will always be on the same page, and are able to communicate, in real-time, without the threat of lost information or miscommunication.

VoIP Provides Results In Web Conference Scenarios

In an era where every one is rushed and no one seems to have enough time, any tool designed to put time back into one’s schedule is of great value. Business VoIP and web conferencing are designed to do just that. As a replacement to planning an entire business meeting around the travel schedules of geographically disperses participants, businesses are able to host up-to-the-minute meetings quickly and with ease with the use of web conferencing technologies.

The introduction of web conferencing opened the door to new potential for the small business market. It allowed controllers to reduces costs, save time and boost energy by providing them with a complete set of tools and software. Through developing a standard web conferencing model to replace their traditional business conference practice, small businesses in particular where able to reallocate funds to other more pertinent areas of the company.

Using the Internet to host business meetings allowed smaller business to reach a global scope; a feat that proved difficult in the past. Web conferencing provides all of the basic features of a traditional conference – in a virtualized and fully interactive format. For example, still available are computerized versions of whiteboards, slideshows and even document sharing capabilities.

Businesses relying on web conferencing to routinely host company meetings are able to do so with ease with the added use of voice over IP telephony as it is compatible with most conferencing software. A particular benefit to those who request participation from employees scattered geographically as it allows for unlimited calling ability.

Another key benefit of using voice over IP in conjunction with web conferencing is it’s unique ability to reduce mental fatigue and allow for added comprehension of the materials being presented. Studies have proven that people have difficulty distinguishing between multiple speakers in a web conference environment, particularly if one or more speakers has a thick or hard to understand lower toned accent. This is due to a physiological ability for the human ear to only be able to pick up certain decibels and tones. Voice over IP provides a higher quality voice output, particularly when using HD VoIP, making it easier for the human ear to differentiate tonal structures.

Using voice over IP in a web conferencing environment is a sure fire way to ensure that the investment in IP telephony is working to generate optimal results.

How VoIP Combats Rising Fuel Charges

Most businesses who require their employees to travel frequently for important conferences and business meetings know first hand the effects of rising fuel prices. But many would never know the possibilities of reducing their fuel surcharge drastically by canceling their conventional telephone service, and migrating towards a small business VoIP phone system. Such as a Nextiva hosted phone system.

The correlation between voice over IP and fuel charges may seem like gibberish to even the most educated practitioner, but the formula is simple; frequent business travel between office locations not only consumes large amounts of time, it also results in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars spent each year on fuel purchases. Advances in voice over IP and IP telephony eliminate the need to attend a conference in person. Therefore, the deployment of a voice over IP communications calling platform results in less money spent per year on fuel charges for interoffice business travel.

VoIP based web conferencing makes available the same standard features of a traditional business conference, while providing several state of the art tools and attributes, in a real-time virtual environment. The fundamental necessities of hosting or attending a VoIP web conference are minimal; so long as attendees are given access to an active Internet network, and have available a computer, a microphone, speakers and in some cases a web camera, they are able to vigorously participate in a web-based business meeting, without having to spend any time traveling between locations.

Utilizing IP telephony to hold a business conference offers many appealing and qualified elements, designed to achieve success – while reducing costs. Participants are given access to whiteboards, file and video sharing, unique presentation tools, and much more in an instantaneous real-time virtual environment. Due to the global availability of the Internet, any person from any geographical position, so long as they are in a location that maintains an active network connection.

Business that are experienced in the operations of VoIP based web conferences can attest to it’s unique capabilities in improving employee efficiency and productivity. Since there is no longer a need to spend any significant amount of time traveling between conference locations, and information and materials can be dispersed effortlessly, employee mental fatigue and stress rates are greatly reduced.

Unique web conference capabilities are just some of the ground breaking features available with a business VoIP solution.

Effective Business Meetings With Web Conferencing Solutions

With the deployment of voice over IP technology the possibilities of business meetings and corporate conferences are limitless. When utilizing the web conferencing capabilities offered on an IP telephony platform the need to travel between geographic locations is eradicated. In harnessing the functionality and usability of the Internet, enterprises are able to virtually host complete company assemblies by allotting participants access to a private or wide area network via their computer system. Although communicating over the phone is effective and can connect people in seconds, businesses that are able to discuss strategies, deals, and projects face to face with partners have a natural upper-hand.

A voice over IP web conference take the same basic principals of a conventional meeting and works to enhance them by offering distinctive and advanced tools and solutions designed to optimize the presentation process.

Much like an in person board meeting, web conferencing supplies the presenter with white boards and slide show applications that participants are able to effortlessly follow along with, in real-time, from the convenience of their own computer screens. Advanced file sharing capabilities allow for seamless document transfer, to multiple recipients, lessening the need for paper and ink consumption.

The advanced functionalities of a voice over IP web conference allows for entire companies to be connected, so long as each participant is stationed at a computer (or in a special board room setting) that is connected to the Internet and has speakers and a microphone. Video conferencing capabilities can be achieved through the use of a functioning web camera.

Businesses seeking to further mature their web conferencing potential can do so by upgrading their hosted voice over IP system to support advanced high definition VoIP technology. HD VoIP significantly augments the overall conference experience by improving voice quality, making it easier to distinguish between multiple speakers. Through this practice it is possible to lessen the effects of mental fatigue, often experienced by partakers of long meetings, by drastically reducing background noise and making it easier to concentrate on the words the presenter is speaking.

A progressive and highly productive web conferencing platform is just one of the many innovative tools the a voice over IP solution provides to small business. To discover all of the reliable, quality options available contact Nextiva today.

Benefits of Web Conferencing Solutions

Nearly ½ of the worlds IT departments have made the decision to implement a voice over IP communications system. A major player in that decision is the ability to cut costs and achieve greater efficiencies in both time and budget, through the use of VoIP web conferencing.

Much like every voice over IP application, the main benefit of a VoIP based web conference is cost savings. However, there are several other distinguishing qualities that a VoIP web conference has to offer. Using web conferencing to host business meetings and conferences have several advantages over the traditional face-to-face meeting.

The modern and discerning enterprise understands the importance of being eco-friendly and seeks out methods to lessen or eliminate carbon footprints. Web conferencing provides a solution not only that, but also reduces paper waste and gas emissions, since there is no need to travel between geographical locations. As web conferencing operates on a unified voice over IP front faxes, emails and other important documents can be virtually shared on users desktops – eliminating unnecessary and over use of printers, copiers and stand alone fax machines.

Another significant benefit of using a web conferencing platform is it’s distinctive ability to increase productivity and enhance efficiency. When hosting a web conference there is no need to worry about being late due to travel, or missing out on important information. All participants can be virtually updated, in real-time, and have access to all required documentation with the simple push of a button. Keeping participants connected and informed by giving them the ability to follow along with the presenter, in a real-time format, has been statistically proven to greatly improve comprehension of the message being conveyed.

Unique web conferencing tools and capabilities are just some of the many valuable solutions made readily available to those business utilizing an IP telephony platform.
Voice over IP from Nextiva give businesses the ability to restructure the way they think, work, communicate and come together.

Keeping Businesses Connected

Technological advancements in voice over IP telephony are causing businesses to abandon their traditional methods of web conferencing in exchange for VoIP services with web conferencing capabilities. While VoIP web conferencing offers many of the same tried and tested features of a conventional platform: (white boards, application features and voice chat) it also offers many new features that go far beyond the traditional scope.

A major player in the decision to migrate to a VoIP based conferencing solution is the accessibility of revolutionary softwares such as Macromedia and Breeze 5, which uses Flash technology to assist in delivering on line training, sale and marketing and other forms of web conferencing, evolving the web conference into a new multi media experience.

VoIP web conferencing success relies in part on the relationship between employees and the importances of connectivity. The ability to connect entire departments, and sometimes separate office locations has proven to be highly advantageous in the corporate world. Not only has VoIP web conferencing been shown to significantly reduce expenditures; in terms of travel fees, materials, and telephony bills, but it has also been proven to considerably improve productivity and lower mental fatigue and anxiety.

With VoIP based web conferencing it is possible to merge employees stationed at different offices across the world, without spending a dime in travel expense. VoIP web conferencing operates through the same Ethernet port as an existing voice over IP platform, which harnesses the Internet as it’s main power source. The only requirements of hosting a VoIP web conference is that participants are stationed at an Internet capable computer, with an active microphone and speakers.

Members are able to participate, in real-time, in the functions of the conference. The host is able to recreate the white board, or share both files and videos with each participant on their desktop.

Since employees are able to maintain connectivity in a real-time environment, they are always informed as to important business news or changes and there is no threat of misinformation, since everyone is simultaneously provided with the same facts and documents.

Business VoIP solutions with Nextiva integrate web conferencing capabilities with voice of IP functionality. Call today to discuss your business needs.

VoIP Web Conferencing

There are times, in the business world, when it becomes necessary for people to come together. In terms of expense, travel, materials and other necessary items, a traditional business meeting can be come a costly event. Those businesses harnessing IP telephony technology are able to offset expenses by taking advantage of a VoIP based web conferencing platform.

Since numerous parties can simultaneously be connected, over the internet, there is no longer a need to worry about travel plans or traffic jams; any invited party can participate, in real-time, regardless of geographic location. VoIP web conferencing technology utilizes many of the same features as a traditional web conference utility and offers many new and innovative functions to further enhance the VoIP experience.

When deploying a VoIP web conference, users can expect to take advantage of many great tools, such as;

 Meeting recording: Presentation activity can be documented and archived for review at a later time.
 Slide show presentations: PowerPoint slides can be presented and discussed.
 Live or streaming video: full motion webcams and other digital media files can be used in presentations.
 Whiteboards: Allow the presenter to make annotations or highlight important items.
 Screen sharing/application sharing/desktop sharing: Allows participants to view, in real-time, anything that the presenter may have on their screen. This function also provides a quick and effective way to simultaneously provide large groups of people with documents or other information.

Business seeking to gain heightened benefit from an IP web conferencing function would be best served to couple the technology with an HD voice over IP platform. When used in conjunction with IP web conferencing, HD VoIP provides a cleaner, crisp sound. Users of HD VoIP with web conferencing report better sound quality and the ability to easily recognize speakers in situations where multiple parties are speaking at the same time.

The ability receive clear and easy to recognize dialect, while being able to take advantage of all the tools VoIP web conferencing has to offer will decrease mental fatigue and improve employee productivity.

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