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Send Faxes From Your Computer

Traditional faxing seems to be a thing of the past: fax machines are huge and pricey. However, there are times when people need to send or receive important documents via fax. With a relatively new concept, online fax allowed people to fax from their computers. Thus, individuals can receive and send faxes without the issues of scanning, copying, and sending via the old machine. Not to mention, they can receive faxes online and save them directly to their hard drive. This allows individuals to stay more organized and reduces the risk of losing important documents.

Copies of Ids, birth certificates, social security cards, passports, licenses and contracts can all be stored safely on one’s hard drive and sent easily via online fax. Instead of worry about paper, ink, confirmations and the annoying sound of dialing, faxes can be sent as easily as an email. And if the receiving end has a fax machine, the document can still be sent, and vice versa. Thus, everyone stays on the same page of communication.

In addition, being able to save these documents to their hard drive and to have the option of saving important documents to another source ensures the safety of these items for future reference. It makes information more mobile and business and personal communication easier and more reliable than traditional faxing. Individuals know that their documents are safely and privately send and received.

Benefits Of Online Faxing For People Looking To Apply For Jobs

Traditional fax machines can be bulky and expensive, but are helpful for many individuals who consistently receive and send print documents. In this age of modern technology, however, there is a new way to send and receive faxes almost instantaneously: online faxing. The benefits are applicable to many, but there are especially benefits of online faxing for people looking to apply for jobs. With online faxing, an individual can send copies of their resumes from their computer documents directly from their computer to an office, rather than having to print and fax the same print document. It saves paper and the headache of transmissions. With traditional faxing, there was always the worry for whether the document was received, the number dialed correctly. With online faxing, it is as easy as shooting off an email. In addition, documents received can go on a trusty hard drive. Instead of buying an expensive fax machine and then dealing with loose papers, the faxed documents can be saved in the user’s email or on their hard drive. Thus, it is easier to stay organized and reduces the risk of losing important documents.

The benefits of online fax service for people looking to apply for jobs also extends to personnel issues. For instance, many jobs require proof of identity when doing paper work, such as social security cards, birth certificates, copies of a driver’s license, and passports. An individual can scan these documents once and save them as a PDF. Whenever a potential boss requests these documents, they can easily be faxed online. This proves much easier than copying, printing and faxing these documents the “old-fashioned way,” and an individual only has to do it once. Check out online faxing today!

vFAX Will Help Your Business

Unknown to most, fax machines have been in use for more than a century. That is not to say that they were always an affordable and popular method of communication, it was not until the early 1980’s that the use of fax machine technology became widely accepted in the business world. While faxing can be viewed as an affordable and practical method of business communication, its use is being rapidly phased out of the business world thanks in part to the popularity of email and other methods of electronic document communication.

Faxing technology should not be considered dated or too prehistoric for modern business use, there are still many benefits that can be experienced by faxing – especially for those small businesses tech savvy enough to request Internet based faxing services from their hosted small business VoIP provider.

Some of these wonderful and business enhancing benefits include:

a. Rapid and almost instantaneous data communication. Online fax messages are delivered instantly to the recipients email client (or fax machine).

b. Security and privacy are ensured. Online fax messages can be routed to a private email client. If that email client is secure then the recipient will be the primary individual to receive and view the documents (unlike traditional faxing that would go straight to a fax machine accessible to everyone).

c. Virtual faxes cannot get lost. A common complaint among traditional fax users was that their messages were often lost in a jumble of papers – or never received at all. Since VoIP faxes are delivered directly to an inbox there are no papers to sift through.

d. Online fax can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Since Online faxes are sent as email attachments they can be received or sent from any correctly configured email platform, including PDAs and smart phones – a huge benefit to employees on the road.

e. No more busy signals. Anyone familiar with traditional faxing knows how frustrating it can be to need to send a fax or receive on only to find that there are dozens of faxes ahead of yours. Online based faxing allows for any number of faxes to be sent or received simultaneously to a single telephone number or email address.

If you wish to learn even more about Nextiva vFAX as well as try the service out using Nextiva’s free trial, please visit

VoIP Takes Faxing to the Next Level

One of the many great developments of VoIP is the inclusion of fax services over an IP telephony platform. Utilizing the principles of VoIP technology to include fax communication provides businesses with a cost effective, reliable and highly flexible data communications platform.
Given the challenges associated with traditional faxing, and the high cost maintenance of conventional fax machines, many businesses had begun to quit using faxing as a method of business communications. At the time, there was no reliable alternative available to mitigate the risks of paper jams, missed faxes, ink spills and other mechanical failures.
Fax over Internet Protocol, or vFAX as it is known to consumers of Nextiva, Inc., takes advantage of the most advanced VoIP technologies to transmit faxes directly over an existing broadband Internet connection and into an email platform. The most advantageous benefit of a vFAX service is the ability to effortlessly send or receive faxes from any location, using a VoIP solution. Deploying a faxing solution, in conjunction with IP telephony service, allows businesses to free up resources, alleviate maintenance headaches and eliminates the need for a separate and dedicated phone line.
In an era where every business is concerned with getting maximum return on their investments, utilizing a cost effective service to deploy business communications is a relevant necessity. VoIP faxing has quickly become an irreplaceable tool in the business world; particularly for smaller organizations with limited resources. A Nextiva vFAX solution is highly portable, allowing employees to send or receive faxes from any geographical location, so long as there is an active Internet connection. Even more significant is the ability to receive fax notifications as voice-mail or email attachments, helping to ensure that there is never the possibility of missing a fax.
Anyone familiar with a standard email client is fully capable of operating a virtual faxing solution, as both maintain similar qualities and essentially are operated identically. Using the Internet and VoIP technology to handle fax communications allows businesses to eliminate the need to purchase expense consumable materials, such as; ink, paper, toner and ribbons. Much like every great VoIP feature, IP faxing is designed to save both time and money while aiding small businesses in optimizing their communications abilities.

Sending Faxes Over A Data Network

IP faxing, a process for sending faxes over the Internet network, has been around for many years. Internet faxing converts the data packets of a fax transmission in the same way that voice over IP would convert the analog signals of a voice call. Much like voice over IP, using the Internet to send or receive a fax requires encrypted digital packets to travel along a data network. Completely abandoning the need for a PTSN line and eliminating potential long distance charges. Because of the cost efficiencies associated with using a data network for communications purposes, Internet faxing provides optimal results to the small business market.

Unlike a conventional method of faxing, IP faxing relies heavily on the Internet Protocol to transmit data over the network as digital packets, instead of analog packets over a telephone line. When using an Internet faxing solution there is no need to purchase or maintain a traditional fax machine since all functions can be accesses virtually via computer connected to an active broadband Internet network.

When deploying IP faxing in conjunction with a voice over IP solution, it is completely possible to send and receive faxes through a voice over IP server, although most will recommend not using the same network as this can cause quality issues as faxing requires more broadband than voice communications.

The greatest benefit of utilizing the Internet to send and receive faxes come in the form of complete mobility. Faxes can be received from any geographical location, much like emails. In fact, both processes are nearly identical. Incoming fax notifications can be received as email attachments, and emails can be sent as faxes.

Another great benefit of IP faxing is the ability to receive faxes to WiFi mobile phones, either as voicemail notifications or as incoming data messages.

Nextiva offers low cost Internet faxing, known as vFax, in addition to award winning business voice over IP solutions.

VFax Is Where It’s At

Unlike the conventional method of faxing which relies heavily on PTSN networks to function. Virtual faxing, or vFax, is dependent upon the Internet to send and receive fax correspondence. There are several advantageous gains associated with a virtual faxing solution. Mainly the reduced infrastructure and operating expenses associated.

Deploying an Internet based faxing operation allows businesses to send and receive simultaneous faxes, integrated with email, without having to worry about the incorporation of a dedicated telephony line. A significant decrease in operating costs will be quickly noticed since vFax, when used in conjunction with a small business voice over IP platform, allows for unlimited local and long distance dialing. Also eliminated is the need for additional infrastructure since vFax does not have a requirement for a standard fax machine – although it can be used with one if preferred.

Harnessing the Internet as a gateway to send written communication proves efficient in lessening disposable materials consumption and provides a paperless option for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Since faxes are received via email, they can be easily and efficiently archived, catalogued or forwarded on to alternate recipients.

A vFax solution allows users to quickly be notified of new messages either by email or voicemail as attachments, this allows frequently mobile employees the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no important business communication will ever be missed or lost.

Much like all IP telephony services, virtual faxing can be accessed in the office, on the road, while on business trips or from any other location that has access to an active Internet account. Recipients with SIP capable mobile phones are able to effortlessly transmit or accept faxes straight from their wireless handheld devices, provided they are in a WiFi area or capable of utilizing a WAN.

This technologically abundant method of correspondence offers businesses a comprehensive faxing medium, without the costs and on going maintenance requirements of a traditional fax based platform.

Faxing Has Never Been So Mobile

VoIP has done for business what Mozart did for music. Encompassing all areas of corporate communications, IP telephony, provides businesses with affordable and reliable access to the most advanced transmission technologies on the market.

The first-class email and messaging capabilities of VoIP are tremendous. In fact, businesses are discarding their pre dated fax machines in record numbers. So fast that the local waste pickup companies are considering deploying separate trucks to be used solely for unwanted fax machines. Okay, that may be not be a bona fide fact, but what is true is the advantages associated with migrating to a Internet faxing solution from Nextiva.

Businesses operating on a voice over IP communications platform now have the choice to send and receive faxes the same way they would an email. Using a highly innovative software application, it is possible to turn any standard computer (or data activated mobile phone) into a fully functioning fax machine. What does this mean for business? It means that fax messaging can be accessed anywhere at anytime – without the restrictions that come with having to operate and maintain a conventional fax machine.

Previously, sending a fax was a tedious and over complicated task. Fax machines needed to be filled with special ink cartridges, paper trays loaded, and a dedicated telephone line was needed to ensure there were no signal interruptions. Even after all of the prep work was carefully carried out, there was still an impending chance of paper jams, or dreaded ink blots. If by some stroke of genius, the fax machine was working and error free, there still needed to be a person in relevant proximity to the fax machine in order to receive the message.

Now it is possible to forgo the pitfalls of conventional faxing, and send a fax from virtually any location; the office, the gym, the beach – anywhere. Nextiva vFax subscribers even have the option of having their faxes sent as attachments to their emails, or being notified via voicemail as soon as a new fax arrives. Imagine never having to hang around the office waiting for a fax to come through again?

Nextiva offers a virtual faxing solution for everyone; and a 500 page, 30 days risk-free trial (with the purchase of NextivaFAX) for those who like to try – before they buy.

What is Online Faxing?

Online faxing is also referred to as Internet fax, virtual fax, fax to email, digital fax, electronic fax, vfax, and much more! Simply, you will come across many variations of this popular technology service. Online fax converts traditional facsimile transmission into a digital file allowing faxes to be received and sent via email (electronically). There are many online fax service providers that offer reliable faxing service at cheap prices. Nearly every online fax provider on the market will provide users with a fax phone number when you join as a customer. The fax phone number you are assigned will convert your incoming and outgoing faxes to an electronic document that can be managed online via email or through the control panel provided by your online fax service provider.

If you are using a fax machine at home or at your office, you should consider online faxing. Nextiva vFAX is an award-winning fax solution and was recently awarded Product of the Year 2009 by Internet Telephony Magazine. NextivaFAX comes with a 30 day free-trial of Nextiva’s most popular online faxing service, the 500 page basic plan.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Ink

Seasoned administration and business professionals know first hand the frustrations experienced when trying to send a fax the ‘traditional’ way. Between ink blots, paper jams, and completely unrecognizable transmissions, the potential challenges are horrendous. Couple the challenges with the possibility of a tied up phone line and something as simple as sending a fax message becomes a daunting and problematic task.

Stop wasting time crying over spilled ink. Businesses adopting the latest in IP telephony are disposing of their old, bulky fax machines in record numbers. By utilizing voice over IP technology to follow out their communications functions, businesses are now able to send and receive faxes virtually through an active Internet network. The practice of virtual faxing harnesses a technology similar to the one used when sending or receiving email, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a stamp. In fact, businesses that regularly send long distance or overseas fax transmissions can expect to see significant fiscal savings. Unlimited virtual faxing service, from a reputable provider like Nextiva, is available for a flat rate monthly fee.

Prior to the introduction of virtual based faxing, recipients and senders were required to be in the same location as the fax machine hardware. When using a virtual faxing solution, users are able to send and receive faxes from any computer or data ready mobile phone within reach of either WiFi or a network connection.

Virtual online faxing capabilities are engineered to ensure that no fax message is ever missed, and that messages can appropriately be stored, archived or reviewed at a later date. Users are given the freedom to receive notification of new faxes as email messages, and in some cases even as voicemail messages. Since faxes are received digitally, they can easily be downloaded and saved to external drives, or catalogued for other purposes.

The money saved on infrastructure, on-going maintenance, and disposables far outweigh the costs. Contact your Nextiva representative today, to discuss how your business can have access to award winning vFAX business solutions for as little as $6.95.

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