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Nextiva Customer Success Story: terés | A Nail Bar

Luxury nail bar terés offers customers across the country top quality service from the time they book an appointment until they leave the salon admiring their glammed-up nails. Salon guests can enjoy customized manicures, pedicures, wax treatments, and pampering scrubs from an elaborate menu by quickly calling their local terés and booking an appointment.

To support their goal of delivering guests with consistent and reliable service, terés selected Nextiva as the telephone service provider for their growing franchise. In addition to delivering terés with highly reliable service, Nextiva’s cloud-based communications service will be able to easily grow with their business as it expands across the country.

View our newest customer success video where terés owner, Courtney Steele, describes how they have come to rely on Nextiva as the lifeline of their business. The auto attendant feature has proven particularly beneficial to their salon as it routes incoming calls to the appropriate booking area, and the Nextiva Anywhere and call forwarding features have helped Courtney and her staff to stay accessible while on-the-go.


Build-A-Thon #2: 12 Hours Committed to Amazing Service™

Last month, the Nextiva team joined together for the company’s second Build-A-Thon – a 12-hour event of intense and efficient work. Over 40 employees participated in projects and planning that will move Nextiva forward towards providing customers with technology and service that is even better than before. Some of the tasks that were accomplished during the weekend in an effort to deliver customers with the best service possible include:

  • Updates to employee training manuals to ensure new employees are fully knowledgeable to answer customers’ questions and provide accurate technical support
  • Culture initiatives were laid out and examined to boost training documents on how to provide customers with our signature Amazing Service™
  • Videos were filmed for Nextiva’s YouTube channel including new customer testimonials and how-to guides
  • The development team investigated potential bugs and took steps towards improving the NextOS Portal to ensure our customers’ service remains seamless
  • Service reports were analyzed to identify areas for improvement and action plans were put into place
  • Future philanthropic events were coordinated, so that Nextiva can lend a hand and give back to the community (stay tuned to see what we have in store!)

Nextiva knows that happy employees deliver great service! To keep the team motivated throughout the grueling event, there were plenty of fun activities and goodies scattered throughout the day. Here is a taste of the Build-A-Thon work environment:

  • A remote control car race around the office to win bragging rights for the fastest time
  • Lunch provided by Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and dinner provided by P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
  • Two DJs blaring mixes of songs to keep participants energized
  • A VoIP rap performed by Nextiva’s own Amazing Service Evangelist, Rahmun Khin
  • Two sporadic trips to Wal-Mart to stock up on snacks, soda and candy
  • Dozens of prizes (including a trip to Disneyland!) given away through raffles
  • Ice cream sundaes and root beer float desserts

The Build-A-Thon setup has proven to be an efficient, cohesive event for Nextiva and we are looking forward to having more successful project integration days in the future! Our customers’ satisfaction is the main focus for everything we do, and these events allow us to focus on delivering the tools they need. Check out our Build-A-Thon video for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what it takes to deliver Amazing Service™:

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