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The Benefits of Online Fax Services

It seems that whenever one finally gets used to another type of technology, it suddenly becomes obsolete. Learning to operate a fax machine is a frustrating and traditional faxing proved unreliable. No one ever knew if the fax was properly transmitted and if it was picked up by the appropriate person when it was transmitted. Not to mention that the loud and oversized machines emitted that screeching dialing tone and required constant and expensive ink refills. There was never enough paper and one always ended up with piles of useless confirmation slips and half-printed, poor quality documents.

However, with online faxing, many of these problems are avoided, bringing faxing into the 21st century. Online faxing maximizes upon high speed internet and also ensures that multiple online faxes can be simultaneously sent and received. In addition, these documents can be saved and organized on the hard-drive for future use. That means that one does not have to constantly make copies of copies of documents to fax out, losing the quality of the document. One does not have to wrangle the scanner to scan, to then print, to then fax a document. Instead, it can all be done with one click. In addition, online faxing can be used with traditional faxing, so it does not matter if one side is still using the bulky machine and the other is utilizing online faxing.

With online faxing, communication can be streamlined without the hassle of traditional faxing. One will be sure that documents are transmitted and are saved, rather than lost. It is a greener technology as it does not require paper or ink. What is not to love about online faxing?

How Online Faxing Can Save You Money

With the rapid advancement of technology, one may overlook the financial benefits that come with these leaps and bounds. Online faxing is a perfect example of how the internet can save money and streamline communication by improving an old technology.

Traditional faxing was a hassle. It required an expensive, ugly machine that made that awful dialing sound whenever faxes were sent or received. It was a consistent waste of paper with cover sheets and confirmation pages. Traditional faxing was also unreliable – one was never quite sure if it actually sent or who even picked it up at the other end. Then there was the toner/ink problem. One was always running out and investing in expensive cartridges just to print out those silly excess pages. Papers got lost, documents may not have sent in a high-quality format, the list of problems goes on.
However, with online faxing, all these problems are addressed. First and foremost, online faxing utilizes high speed internet to increase reliability. In addition, online faxing can be seamlessly integrated with traditional faxing methods to streamline communication. Important documents can be received, sorted and saved for future use, without the worry of loss or decreased quality. This is particularly helpful for documents such as resumes or birth certificates, which are frequently faxed. Now an individual does not have to make a copy of it to fax. Instead, a scanned copy can be saved and sent with one click.

With the benefits of online faxing, it does not make sense to not take advantage of these money-saving, green technology.

Why Choose Online Faxing?

Faxing may seem a thing of the past, but it is far from obsolete. However, there is a new way of faxing: online faxing. Whereas traditional faxing required that bulky machine, the loud dial tone, the unreliable transmissions and expensive toner, online faxing avoids all of these pitfalls. Online faxing uses high speed internet to send or receive faxes.

Because online faxing uses the internet, there is no reason to invest in expensive equipment. In addition, received faxes can be saved and catalogued on an individual’s hard drive. This avoids the familiar situation of lost important documents. The reliability of faxing is increased with the internet, so one is waiting for the confirmation slip. And for those sending important documents out, such as resumes or frequently used documents, these can also be scanned and saved on the hard drive and sent with one click. This is much easier as opposed to constantly copying and faxing documents. This retains high quality documents that are easily saved, edited and sent out again.

In addition, online faxing is greener and does not require nearly as much paper or equipment as traditional faxing. There is no need to invest in the bulky machine or the expensive toner. In addition, online faxing can be used with partners who do not have it, seamlessly integrating new and old technologies. There is no reason not to maximize on the efficiency of online faxing.

The Benefits of Business VoIP Phone Systems

The benefits of business VoIP are tremendous, for companies ranging from one employee to companies that have over 20 employees. What exactly is business VoIP and what are all these benefits? Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) maximizes on high-speed internet to improve business communication and increase productivity. With a provider such as Nextiva, it allows for an affordable way to brand a company as well as streamline communication with clients and partners.

Business VoIP has a range of features that can be customized by a company for their specific needs. First and foremost, business VoIP completes communication sessions, including voice, text and multimedia, over the internet, which allows for a faster, smoother and uninterrupted session. Firstly, the company is assigned a toll-free number or a local number, depending on what the needs are. There are options for an automatic attendant to greet customers as they call in and appropriately route calls to the correct person or correct line (business, mobile, or home.) In addition, greetings can be customized and flexible for regular hours, after hours and even holidays. All voicemails are sent to an email inbox to be easily sorted and there is also the option of online faxing, which proves to be more dependable and faster than traditional faxing. Other features include on-hold music and number portability. The web portal interface helps to manage all these features.

These features allow for a polished and professional presentation, regardless of the size or budget of a business or enterprise. For business who are looking to expand or would like their communication to be better managed, business VoIP is a great way to start.

What Can Business VoIP Do For Your Business?

For many individuals, maximizing technology in their personal lives has already happened. The smartphones with the integrated applications, the constant connection and the streamlined productivity. However, business owners and employers have been a bit slower on getting on this. With the advent of the new year, it is time to change this. By simply integrating business VoIP in daily business routines, communication and productivity can be more efficient and help the company grow.

But what exactly is business VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It allows for the transmission of voice calls, faxes, texts and other multimedia communications to be transferred over the internet rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN.) Not only does this create a sustainable and smoother communication technique, but it also saves businesses money and allows companies to perfect their presentation to clients. Because of the customizable features, it provides a more professional and polished way to communicate. So what are these features? If subscribing with a company such as Nextiva, business VoIP grants a toll-free or local telephone number, depending on the business’ needs and the kind of brand they would like to create. Once the phone number has been established, there are a range of voicemail features, including an automatic mailing of voicemails to an email account so they can be easily sorted for deletion, responses, or records. There is also the option of an automatic attendant, which can give the appearance of more corporate company – it is used to greet callers and route them to the appropriate person. A business can also create unique greetings for holidays or after hours. There is also the option of online faxing and the ability to route calls to a range of business lines, mobile numbers or home phones.

Business VoIP also offers on-hold music for callers and number portability at the onset, so previous contacts can be seamlessly integrated into the new system. There is also a web portal interface to easily manage all these features.

Business VoIP can revolutionize the way that a company runs and allow it grow. Look into getting your company’s phone system to use a business VoIP provider today!

The Benefits of Online Faxing

Expensive. Unreliable. Waste of paper. Low ink. The list goes on. Traditional faxing is most certainly the bane of many people’s existence. The bulky machine. That awful dialing tone. The random printing. Isn’t there a way around this?
Yes, there is – with online faxing. Online faxing allows an individual or business to send and receive faxes all online without the hassle of a fax machine. Documents are sent and received in an electronic format, but can also be sent and received via fax machine or any combination of the two. Individuals can choose whether to print, delete or save any of the faxes. In addition, it is helpful to use online faxing to save copies of identification cards, passports, licenses, and contracts and to back up these documents. In addition, one does not have to make a copy of the document to then fax it over. They can all be simply saved on the hard drive of the computer for future use. Furthermore, it is much easier to organize and save documents on a computer, rather than allowing the paper to pile on the desk.
Not to mention that online faxing allows one to send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously, streamlining communication. Plus, It makes information more mobile and business and personal communication easier and more reliable than traditional faxing. Individuals know that their documents are safely and privately send and received.

Lowered Costs with Online Faxing

Fax machine: $100. Paper: $10. Ink: $25. Easy to use? No. traditional faxing is not only expensive, but also inefficient in terms of time and ease of use. However, it seems that many businesses require that one use a fax machine to send and receive documents, but there is another way to fax with out the expensive equipment: online faxing.
Online faxing allows an individual to send electronic documents in a fax form to any number – without the printer, paper and extra costs. In addition, faxes can be sent to an individual’s in the form of an electronic document. Needless papers are not printed, but can be filed and organized on a computer’s hard drive rather than lost in a mess of papers on the desk. Individuals can choose which papers to print, to file, to save or to trash without grimacing over lost paper and ink.
In addition, one does not need to purchase an additional machine to like in the case of traditional faxing or pay for the upkeep of ink and paper. It is also more environmentally friendly because there is less paper wasted. In addition, communication can be streamlined, because one can send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously, rather than resorting to a queue where messages can be lost. That way individuals can be certain their faxes were received.
So use the advancements of different technologies and maximize your online experience by trying online faxing. It will allow better communication, promote green living and save money!

A Better Way to Save Documents with Online Faxing

Every individual and business has that pile of papers sitting on their desk or the in the drawer of printed, yet useless documents, that are irrelevant but kept because of the possibility that it may be useful in the future. In fact, most of the time, one cannot even find that particular document if they did try to look for it because the pile has spun out of control. It completely defeats the purpose of printing and filing the document in the first place.
But if those pesky faxes came in an online form, or if you could send a document as an online fax so that you would not have to print and fax a document previously saved to your computer? That time is now here with online faxing. Online faxing allows one to catalog their documents and send them as online faxes as well as receive faxes in a PDF form all online. Then one can choose to print and file or to file on their computer for easy reference. This not only saves paper, but can help individuals and businesses stay more organized. In addition, important documents can be scanned and saved and faxed later, for instance, birth certificates or other legal documents.
Online faxing allows one the maximum benefits of technology and seamlessly links two technologies into one to increase productivity and streamline communication. There is no reason not to start using online faxing instead of traditional faxing: it is more efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly – check it out today!

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