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How Reliable Is Your Old Phone System?

The 2000’s will forever be known as the decade of disasters; hurricanes, pandemics, flu outbreaks and fires. Business continuity and disaster recovery should always be included in strategic planning, but the sobering reality of it is that of the businesses that have a formal disaster recovery plan less than 40% actually put that plan to action. When disaster strikes less than 15% of all businesses affected ever return to regular operations. Most fizzle out and close their doors permanently with in the first year. All of this can be avoided by taking a proactive approach to business communications and disaster planning.
Given the statistics, businesses still deploying a conventional telephony model have cause for concern. Imagine the impact on the business if the building were to ever become inoperable due to a natural disaster, random act of violence or even a pandemic outbreak.
It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to have an entire corporate telephony network reconstructed into a new office location (provided a new office location could even be procured.) VoIP isn’t restricted to copper wires, nor is it limited to the physical office location.
On an IP based communications platform accessing the corporate communications network is as simple as plugging a functioning VoIP phone into any existing Internet connection, or downloading a softphone application on to any computer. Not only does this offer the peace of mind that business can continue, at least in part, until the business can be relocated or restored. It also ensures that employees have constant access to voice mail, faxing capabilities and voice communications. The most important people in the business, it’s clients, will still be able to contact company representatives and they won’t even know that employees are working from a location outside of the business.
Business should avoid the unforeseen by ensuring that they take advantage of fully portable communications system, that can be accessed and utilized any place any time. Functions and capabilities that are only available while deploying a small business VoIP phone system.

VoIP Works With Small Business, Not Against It

In all reality small businesses do not have the same options and functionality as their larger counterparts when it comes to implementing business building features and advancements in technology. Why? Unlike most large enterprises smaller organizations are limited in the amount of funds that they have readily available, and there is lack of resources available to meet the unique needs of the small business professional.
The same principle applies to business communications; conventional corporate telephony is often only beneficial to major corporations with substantial capital. Office VoIP provides a feasible solution for small businesses as it allows them to reduce expenses and take advantage of business bolstering tools that would have otherwise been too far out of their budget restrictions.
Recent research would suggest that corporations in the small to medium business market routinely pay up to four times more for packet switch telephone service, than their larger competitors. The harsh truth of it is that despite the large payment, smaller businesses are still left without the features and tools necessary to mature their telecommunications processes.
Historical analysis of the principles of IP telephony would indicate that it was designed with the small business owner in mind. Small businesses require easy access to cost efficient and reliable communications in order to remain productive and profitable. A small business voice over IP solution offers this and more.
Through leveraging the ability to facilitate both internal and external business communications businesses are realizing the vast potential of IP telephony. Another substantial value of VoIP deployment is it’s unparalleled use in business continuity. Never before has an office been able to continue regular business communications once the physical office location has been rendered inoperable.
Since IP telephony relies heavily on the Internet protocol voice over IP access is readily available from any location that has a functioning broadband Internet connection. This means that any location containing a few basic hardware requirements can essentially be transformed into a fully functioning virtual office. As most of the administrative technicalities, and some of the features (automate attendant), are handled off-site at the physical location of the service provider it is possible to have calls made to the actual office number quickly routed to any location that employees happen to be working from.
When receiving service from the local telephone company small businesses can expect to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to utilize half of the features necessary to conduct business in a professional manner. Those same businesses, after making the switch to a hosted voice over IP solution, will not only realize the benefits of a complete and comprehensive corporate phone system – but they will also experience substantial cost savings, as voice over IP solutions are available for less than $10.00 per month.

Unlock Profitability With Business VoIP Phone Systems

It is no secret that businesses are in it for the money. The goal of every professional in the corporate world is to turn a profit – over and over again. In order to ensure profitability, it is important that businesses stay abreast of technology and that the necessary supporting factors are capable of performing their intended functions at as low of a cost as possible. Ironically, businesses require communications to be profitable yet access to traditional communications is so costly that they often decrease the amount of profits a business is able to secure.
Introducing VoIP into a business communications strategy allows businesses to keep their communications expenses low and therefore realize the potentials of maximum profitability. When compared to conventional packet switch telephony, voice over IP not only proves to be a cost effective alternative but it is also far superior in terms of quality and scalability.
The concept of a revolutionarily engineered communications system, containing profit generating business essentials, should be embraced by the small business market. IP telephony enables small businesses to utilize greater tools than those available to major Fortune 500 enterprises still operating over a packet switch telephone network. All the while salvaging costs in other areas such as long distance and international calling, business travel and conference planning.
Outside of the necessity of communications businesses require a strong customer base in order to remain profitable. With the use of a toll-free number, available on most voice over IP business plans, consumers are able to contact customer service at no cost of their own. Deploying a toll-free number gives businesses the ability to expand their market reach, and attract consumers from outside of their local calling area. Studies prove that consumers are more likely to do business with the organizations that do not require them to incur telephone charges.
IP telephony aims to take the guess work out of communications budgeting, since the only two monthly bills associated with a voice over IP solution are the broadband Internet bill and a low monthly fee charged by the VoIP service provider, almost everything outside of that results in profit.

VoIP: Not Your Grandfather’s Phone Service

All businesses require access to communications services in order to function; without a contact point between employees and consumers, profits would decline and the business would eventually fizzle out. The majority of American businesses can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred, and is some cases even thousands, of dollars each month to their local telephone provider. That is if they are still operating on a traditional PTSN telephone network. A decade ago, when business owners weren’t given options, this would have been the conventional norm – either pay the overpriced fees for sub par service, or don’t have a telephony system.

Luckily, that is not the case today. Modern businesses are given the freedom to take control of what mediums their employees use to communicate, and at a rate affordable to everyone – not just Fortune 500 enterprises. VoIP has broken past the barriers of the telephone companies monopoly on communications and brought affordable excellence to the small to medium business market.

Given societies need for technology, it is nearly impossible to find a business, or home for that matter, that does not have access to the Internet. IP telephony takes advantage of the easy access to Internet capabilities by allowing businesses to utilize their existing networks for communications purposes.

By deploying hosted VoIP, businesses are able to make unlimited voice calls, send faxes and emails, and host International video conferences – without breaking the bank. Voice over IP allows smaller organizations to use the same great features as their larger competitors to maintain and improve business operations.

The features offered by VoIP telephony far surpass the features provided by the local telephone company; call forwarding, PBX hunt groups, automated attendants, virtual faxing, call monitoring / call recording, message archiving, toll-free number, E911 access and many revolutionary administrative commands. Each uniquely programmed to provide the SMB market with a competitive and professional advantage over businesses still operating on a conventional PTSN line.

Given that IP telephony relies on the Internet as it’s main power source, the communications services offered are not only highly resilient – but also completely portable. Voice over IP is distinctively coded to ensure that communications will always continue as normal, from any location that has access to the Internet. Whether a disaster renders the office location inoperable, or the business decides to relocate to a different state; continuing communications functions is as easy plugging a regularly used IP phone into any active Internet connection – regardless of it’s geographical location.

Modern business communications has far surpassed the options available to businesses of the past. Small to medium business owners are no longer reliant upon the telephone company to tell them how to run their businesses. VoIP was created to guarantee that all businesses have access to state-of-the-art communications features and services – not just enterprise owners, with large wallets.

VoIP Is More Than Just A Cheap Phone Service

By definition, VoIP, to most is synonymous with cheap telephone calls. Voice over IP offers so much more than unlimited local and International calling. One of the often overlooked features of business VoIP is the Web Conference.

Web conferencing capabilities, used with VoIP service, offer many advantageous benefits to the business market. Participants world wide are able to attend business discussions or conferences, in a real time environment, without ever leaving their desks. More importantly, it also allows attendees to virtually share documents, files, videos and presentations instantly.

Invited participants have the ability to follow along with the main speakers computer screen as they show slides, or highlight important information on a whiteboard. This technology is especially beneficial to distant offices, with parent companies in different countries, since web conferencing eliminates the need for travel and works to ensure a proactive group environment – where everyone is always on the same page.

Using the Internet, and voice over IP telephony, to host such events is becoming increasingly popular as a medium by which to train employees and new hires. Instead of having a training facilitator travel between multiple locations, businesses are now opting to connect every employee with the facilitator via web conference. Not only does this save a great deal of time and money, but it also helps to ensure that all employees are receiving the same information in a real time fashion. Hosting training events via the Internet, also helps to decrease the amount of disposable material required, since documents can be viewed online and then stored for review at a later date. Thus reducing the need for paper and ink consumption.

It has been reported that businesses who capitalize on voice over IP web conferencing functions often see a large increase in employee productivity. This can be attributed to the fact that all employee receive the same information, in an easy to digest format, reducing the confusion and stress that can often arise as result of incomprehension or misinterpretation of information. This is particularly true of businesses who incorporate high definition VoIP into their web conferencing platforms. HD VoIP provides high quality voice and clarity, especially when multiple speakers are involved or one speaker has a thick accent.

Real time web conferencing is just one of the many benefits that voice over IP brings to the business world. To discuss the other ground breaking features available, contact your hosted VoIP provider today.

Better Serve Your Clients

A strong small business VoIP phone system, much like that offered by industry leader Nextiva, provides businesses with the freedom to abandon their existing packet switch telephony system and merge all of their communications services to one distinct network. Thus providing significant potential for cost savings and employee productivity increases: A business VoIP phone system is accessible from any location that maintains an active broadband Internet connection; allowing employees to carry out business communications from anywhere they happen to be.
Customer satisfaction rates are proven to greatly increase in companies utilizing a VoIP platform. Some of the advantageous rewards associated with IP telephony in customer driven environments include:

· The ability to align communications systems with customer relationship software, assisting employees in better serving consumers.
· The inclusion of hunt groups, and call routing meaning that no call is ever left unanswered.
· The benefits reached when employees remain connected. Businesses do not require additional phone numbers for multiple locations.
· Productivity boosting gains through the use of multiple communications devices. Voice over IP has provided many cost effective rewards to businesses utilizing conferencing platforms.

Small businesses no longer need to worry about outgrowing their communications system. A scalable IP telephony platform grows with the business, continually providing gains and rewards for a low nominal charge.
Nextiva’s award winning voice over IP solutions were engineered to improve the way that the small business communicates, allowing for smarter collaboration both internally and externally. A hosted phone system allows businesses to migrate to a solution that is distinctly designed to meet their unique needs, without ever having to sign a contract or pay outrageous setup fees.

Communications Unity

In the fast paced modern corporate setting, small businesses require the ability to be able to communicate and collaborate efficiently. For businesses with multiple office locations, and consumer bases spanning the globe, having steady access to tools and reliable communications mediums is an essential element for survival.
Operating on a multi-faceted, scalable and fully mobile platform, much like that offered through the communications unifying properties of VoIP technology, allows the small business market to streamline their processes, bolster productivity and proactively manage communications. Of the benefits received from a unified platform, the most noteworthy include:

· The ability to provide a flexible and fully functioning workspace, reaching far beyond the traditional confinements of the office.
· The ability to maximize the access to information, leading to a drastic improvement in communication.
· Keeping pace with technological advancements, allowing the small business to maintain a competitive edge over industry leaders.
· The unique ability to streamline processes, permitting employees quick access to necessary information.
· A steady increase in productivity and profitability.

Making the decision to migrate to a VoIP solution allows small businesses to effectively merge their most pertinent communications processes (email, voice mail, fax, telephony, and conferencing) into one complete and comprehensive platform.
There are obvious cost benefits associated with turning to the Internet to transmit both voice and data communications. In fact, nearly all of the businesses currently operating on an IP telephony platform have reported a fiscal savings exceeding 60% on telecommunications services alone. Other areas of savings include: travel, IT, consumable material.

Office Phone Service For Small Businesses

Nextiva provides communication solutions for small business. From Internet fax services to complete phone systems, Nextiva is the provider of choice for thousands of small businesses throughout the United States. For many small businesses, their phones are vital to their company’s success and survival. Email is undoubtedly an important form of communication for call business, but the phone is one of the most critical tools for dealing with vendors, partners, customers, and potential customers. As businesses continue to switch from traditional phone service provided by the local telephone company, to business VoIP phone systems (like the ones offered by Nextiva), not only are these small businesses saving lots of money each month, they are also improving efficiency and overall reputation.
VoIP phone service is becoming increasingly popular because of the cost savings. Businesses can save up to 80% on their monthly phone bill by making the switch and there can be practically no up-front expenses. Therefore businesses find a return on their investment within months not years. VoIP phone systems are easy to manage and come with feature-rich calling plans, ultimately making the switch to VoIP simple.

Nextiva VoIP: No Contracts + Money Back Guarantee

No other hosted phone system provider offers the features, reliability, level of customer service and price that comes with Nextiva. Nextiva understands that communication is the heart of any business, that’s why all of our solutions are easy to use, affordable, and offer great value.
Nextiva delivers a hosted PBX VoIP phone system with powerful business-class at features at extremely low prices. Nextiva eliminates the need for large and complex phone equipment, difficult installation, and phone system knowledge. Nextiva ultimately makes it easier to own and operate your small business.
Nextiva’s phone service also comes with the ability to make and receive unlimited phone calls. Therefore business owners no longer need to worry about minute usage and additional fees if they use the phone “too much”. Nextiva offers everything a small business office needs in a phone system. Implementing Nextiva is as easy as “1,2,3” and Nextiva’s award-winning customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have.
Best of all Nextiva never locks its users into contracts. As a customer, you have the freedom to change or deactivate your service at anytime. No pressure! Plus – Nextiva offers a fully unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

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Contact an Amazing Service
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Learn how Nextiva Analytics gives you unprecedented insight into your business.

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Contact an Amazing Service
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Learn how Nextiva Analytics gives you unprecedented insight into your business.

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Contact an Amazing Service
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Learn how Nextiva Analytics gives you unprecedented insight into your business.