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Get Unlimited Business Calling & The Best VoIP Features

Despite the numerous telephony options accessible to business, there are numerous advantages to implementing a hosted voice over IP solution from Nextiva.

Regardless of the nature of the business, Nextiva offers unlimited domestic and long distance calling, making telephony usage charges considerably less costly than a traditional analog telephone system With the use of a hosted VoIP solution, businesses are able to utilize their existing hardware (with the use of a distinctive VoIP adapter) meaning that the only ongoing expenses are the monthly charges associated with Internet connections and VoIP services.

With a hosted solution, businesses are able to completely eliminate the need for expensive onsite telephone systems and are given access to the state of the art system, housed offsite by Nextiva, via the Internet.

Nextiva is responsible for continuing upgrades and maintenance, giving the small business owner the ability to reduce IT costs and avoid hiring and training a specially skilled support staff. Nextiva offers all business voice over IP clients a complimentary auto attendant, designed to greet and direct callers, making it possible to reduce the amounts of funds regularly spent on wages and benefits of receptionists.

A hosted voice over IP solution for business offers many attractive and innovative features specially engineered to mature and enhance the communications experience. With the potential for unified communications, businesses are allotted the luxury of receiving voicemails and faxes delivered to their email inboxes as attachments, while enjoying advanced web and video conferencing applications.

While operating on a hosted platform, business are given the freedom to add or remove extensions at their leisure, at no extra cost, through the variety of user friendly administrative options available or by contacting their Nextiva representative.

By continually providing reliable, quality business VoIP service Nextiva provides the small business owner with an arsenal of technologically advanced communications features enabling them to enhance their core functions and reduce the management headaches associated with running and maintaining an onsite PBX phone system.

Effective Business Meetings With Web Conferencing Solutions

With the deployment of voice over IP technology the possibilities of business meetings and corporate conferences are limitless. When utilizing the web conferencing capabilities offered on an IP telephony platform the need to travel between geographic locations is eradicated. In harnessing the functionality and usability of the Internet, enterprises are able to virtually host complete company assemblies by allotting participants access to a private or wide area network via their computer system. Although communicating over the phone is effective and can connect people in seconds, businesses that are able to discuss strategies, deals, and projects face to face with partners have a natural upper-hand.

A voice over IP web conference take the same basic principals of a conventional meeting and works to enhance them by offering distinctive and advanced tools and solutions designed to optimize the presentation process.

Much like an in person board meeting, web conferencing supplies the presenter with white boards and slide show applications that participants are able to effortlessly follow along with, in real-time, from the convenience of their own computer screens. Advanced file sharing capabilities allow for seamless document transfer, to multiple recipients, lessening the need for paper and ink consumption.

The advanced functionalities of a voice over IP web conference allows for entire companies to be connected, so long as each participant is stationed at a computer (or in a special board room setting) that is connected to the Internet and has speakers and a microphone. Video conferencing capabilities can be achieved through the use of a functioning web camera.

Businesses seeking to further mature their web conferencing potential can do so by upgrading their hosted voice over IP system to support advanced high definition VoIP technology. HD VoIP significantly augments the overall conference experience by improving voice quality, making it easier to distinguish between multiple speakers. Through this practice it is possible to lessen the effects of mental fatigue, often experienced by partakers of long meetings, by drastically reducing background noise and making it easier to concentrate on the words the presenter is speaking.

A progressive and highly productive web conferencing platform is just one of the many innovative tools the a voice over IP solution provides to small business. To discover all of the reliable, quality options available contact Nextiva today.

2010: The Year To Implement VoIP, If You Haven’t Already

Businesses seeking to cut cost and improve efficiency would do well to consider implementing a voice over IP solution into their 2010 strategic plans. VoIP communications deliver an optimized state of efficiency well working to eliminate over priced conventional telephony charges.

Voice over IP relies solely on the technological capabilities of the Internet as it’s main operating source. Because of the wide span and matured state of the Internet it is possible for businesses to unify their communications structures by implementing voice, data and video transmissions all on one single network. Since Internet connectivity has become so inexpensive and widely available, businesses have the freedom to connect each and every employee or department regardless of geographical locations. Those businesses who hire telecommuters or staff members who are frequently on the road have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they can remain in constant contact on a variety of mediums. This freedom can be attributed to voice over IP’s ability to be executed on a variety of facets, including; wireless mobile VoIP, email and fax notifications and highly advanced video web conferencing capabilities.

The ability to truly unify communications platforms, on a global front, means great things for business. It affords the small business owner tools and options that would have otherwise been unattainable while operating on a conventional telephony platform, and is extensively available at one low monthly rate.

Unlimited domestic and long distance calling is perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of a business VoIP solution, particularly to those businesses required to make frequent long distance and overseas calls, as it can result in thousands of dollars saved over the course of a year. When asked to calculate the exact amount paid to the local phone company each year, businesses are shocked to learn that they are throwing away literally tens of thousands of dollars. Money that could have been better spent in other areas of the organization had they have implemented a voice over IP solution sooner.

The average company notices an almost immediate return on investment and an annual cost savings of nearly 80% on telephony expenses after migrating to a hosted VoIP solution. There is no other communications platform on the market with the ability to deliver such high rewards for little money.

Nextiva – Not Your Traditional Phone Company

Nextiva is radically changing the way businesses communicate. Up until the introduction of VoIP phone service, businesses did not have many options when it came to selecting a phone company. If you were a business owner, you either paid the local phone company an arm and a leg for decent quality phone service or you just don’t have phones. Most businesses can’t afford to survive without phones, therefore businesses were practically forced to pay the local telephone company. Nowadays the options are greater, this is partially due to the success of VoIP technology.

With a few clicks of a computer mouse, a business can establish and setup a new phone system. An office can be setup with phones, numbers, and greetings within minutes. This is compared to the weeks it took to setup a phone system when dealing with the local phone company. (By the way, we’re not mentioning all the tough aspects of dealing with the local phone company. Like waiting for a technician to visit your office between the hours of 8am to 6pm three weeks after scheduling an appointment to simply change an extension number on your phone system).

Nextiva’s line of business communication solutions serve as a valuable tool for all types of businesses. Nextiva’s hosted phone systems allow any entrepreneur or professional to conduct business as if they are a “large” multi-office company. A Nextiva user can be located in one city, yet appear as if they are working out of their company headquarters. Nextiva virtual phone numbers can provide business owners with new phone numbers from nearly any area code in the United States. Additionally, Nextiva phone service can provide users with an 800 phone number. If you’re not aware the benefits of a toll-free phone number are great.

A toll-free number alone can increase activity and responses from most marketing campaigns. A small business owner with limited resources can now seem like a larger company with customers all over the US by simply having a toll free number listed on their web site or business card. Nextiva users have the option of keeping their existing phone numbers as well as obtaining new local and toll free phone numbers for their business.

Nextiva’s hosted communications platform is built on the industry’s most proven technologies. We understand the importance of business communication and realize that business professionals can’t afford to miss or drop a call. We take great pride in the fact that so many businesses rely on us to communicate with clients and ultimately succeed, therefore we do our best to deliver top quality service at all times. Our focus is on building lifelong relationships with all of our users, whether a startup approaches us for service or an established multi-national corporation, we treat all users as if they are our only customer.

At Nextiva we have great confidence in our products and services. We strongly dislike the practices of the traditional phone companies, therefore we never lock our users into service contracts or maintain service termination fees. If for whatever reason you decide to cancel your Nextiva service, we don’t make it difficult. Best of all, we offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on our phones and service.

From all of us here at Nextiva, we hope to have the opportunity to serve your business!

Migrate Your Office To Business VoIP

Keeping employees connected and well-informed are sure fire ways to optimize productivity and enhance proficiency. However, how does the small business owner achieve a mature communications system without paying thousands of dollars in fees, setup and maintenance charges to the local telephone service provider?

The solution is simple. Ditch the traditional telephony structure and adopt a completely unified hosted voice over IP solution designed with small businesses in mind. Voice over IP offers small businesses many advantages over a traditional platform and affords them many on-going cost savings solutions.

When migrating towards an IP telephony communications system, corporate consumers are able to maintain their current phone number while utilizing their existing hardware. Reliable and quality small business VoIP solutions from Nextiva do not require costly setup fees and their award winning team of customer service professionals are readily available to help ensure a smooth transition, provide support and make managerial changes as needed.

Voice over IP telephony grants small businesses advanced corporate calling features at a hometown rate. Through the use of innovative technological advancements it is possible to completely unify all communications throughputs on a single network, giving employees the tools they need to carry out their daily functions effectively.

Lowered bandwidth and broadband Internet connection costs make VoIP an affordable alternative for companies looking to mature their communicatory strategies by allowing employees and consumers easy access to voice, data and video communications mediums. With a hosted VoIP solution businesses are able to utilize more than 25 unique calling features, revolutionary administrative tools, and drastically increase their customer satisfaction rates by ensuring that calls are always handled in a professional and timely manner.

Businesses employing telecommuters can also experience results from a VoIP based telephony solution as it is widely available on a mobile front. Using voice over IP technology with a mobile phone utilizes the same basic functioning as office based VoIP, eliminating the need for over priced per-minute calling charges. Mobile employees are also able to send or receive emails and faxes through mobile phones, using unique wireless VoIP capabilities.

The modern small business owner understands the importance of saving money, without sacrificing quality. Two unique qualities that only a hosted business VoIP solution can guarantee.

Improve User Satisfaction, Productivity and Save Money

There are benefits and advantages to using a VoIP for business solution in the small business market, in fact, nearly 60% of all North American businesses now utilize some form of IP telephony to manage their communication requirements. Since voice over IP telephony is highly cost effective, it enables the small business owner to tackle rising infrastructure and communication costs while experiencing the same high quality service as major fortune 500 companies. Nextiva’s small business hosted VoIP solutions are specifically engineered to provide enterprise-class communications capabilities, easily allowing businesses to make unlimited domestic and long distance calls without having to worry about a per-minute surcharge.

Idyllically, Nextiva’s small business voice over IP solutions harness the power of any existing Internet connection, allowing businesses to adopt a completely unified front. This enables them to communicate via many mediums, including: voice, data, video, fax and email. By utilizing the Internet to generate and transmit communications structures businesses are able to experience a significant drop in telephony charges – resulting in a large amount of newly available financial resources.

Unlike the local phone company Nextiva offers small businesses access to a huge portfolio of extra calling features designed to enhance and mature the small business communications experience, features that would have either wise been to expensive an option for some businesses on a regular telephony platform. Every Nextiva small business VoIP solution includes an advanced auto attendant feature, at no additional charge, constructed to enhance corporate imagery and optimize customer satisfaction rates.

Businesses looking to further mature their voice over IP communications experience would do well to consider the benefits of Nextiva vFAX, a revolutionary application allowing users to virtually turn any PC with emailing capabilities into a fully functioning fax machine. With a vFAX solution users are able to send and receive Fax via Email (or mobile phone) and given the option of receiving email notifications when a new fax arrives.

Unlike conventional telephony services, Nextiva’s small business VoIP solutions were designed with businesses in mind. Nextiva provides business owners with the peace of mind in knowing that their information is secured and quality is always guaranteed.

For further information on the small business VoIP essentials offered by Nextiva contact 1-800-983-4289 today!

Office Bills Too High? Go Virtual

Businesses need to cut costs in every spending category possible these days. With many industries continuing to struggle, businesses need to do their best to remain aggressive, focused, and run a lean operation. As most people know, it’s easy to spend money. The same rule applies to businesses. In nearly all cases, businesses are looking to increase leads and sales. This means that their commonly forced to spend more and are bombarded with calls from sales representatives trying to give them the “deal of a lifetime” on a product or service that’s overpriced or has very minimal use. As a business continues to operate operation costs tend to increase as well. It takes great will and power to run a business that is lean.

Consumer spending is not strong as of right now, therefore this translates to many challenges for entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the world. Before looking at cutting employees and including them in the constantly growing unemployment pool, businesses should review their communication bill. By communication bill, we are referring to the bills from their Internet Service Provider (ISP), phone service provider, fax service provider, as well as any other bills that are in regards to the communication channels between a business and their customers. For example, this could include an email newsletter service, cellular phone services, shared desktop and Web presentation service providers.

If your business phone service is running it’s phone lines and phone system off of analog and on-premise technology, it’s time to explore the benefits of a hosted PBX phone solution. Businesses that switch phone service providers from their local phone company (analog) and go to VoIP can save up to 80% off their monthly bill. A savings of 80% is something many business owners would not turn down, especially when you consider the fact that a hosted PBX phone system includes many powerful features that a local phone company can’t provide and in the case that they do, it’s very expensive. A hosted PBX phone solution, such as Nextiva’s Connect 360, includes features like an automated attendant, enhanced voicemail, caller ID, unlimited local and long distance calling, hunt groups, call forwarding, music on hold, holiday and after-hours scheduling, and much more —- all for one flat monthly rate. Best of all, Nextiva never locks their users into contracts and all the features a business needs are included. This makes getting billed easy and not having to worry about reconciliation and challenges with inaccuracies.

There is no doubt that the savings are tremendous when businesses switch service from their local phone company to a hosted PBX phone service provider. Another area that can use some significant cost savings each month is the fax bill. Firstly, fax machines are not cheap. A good quality fax machine can cost about $150 and worst of all this does not include the ink cartridges. Businesses that don’t fax heavily can end up spending over $750 each year on ink cartridges for a fax machine. Businesses that heavily rely on faxing cab spend thousands on cartrides each year.

With virtual faxing solutions like Nextiva’s vFAX, fax technology works like e-mail. Businesses are able to send and receive faxes from a computer, smart phone, or any device that has access to the Internet and can support an email client. Because virtual fax services work like email, there is no need to purchase an expensive fax machine as well as worry about ink cartridges. Faxes are simply sent to any email address you’d like.

Now’s a great time to cut costs and Nextiva can help your business. Visit in order to explore the options in switching your office to a hosted phone system and virtual fax solution. Not only will you and your customers be happy with the upgrade, so will your wallet.

VoIP Is A Great Solution For Business Phone Service

Nearly three decades after it’s birth into the world of communications there is still a stigma surrounding voice over IP telephony. Many believe that it lacks quality and users will not maintain the capability to utilize important functions such as emergency calling. It is also widely assumed that since voice over IP makes use of the Internet as it’s core backbone, that VoIP telephony is susceptible to data attacks and identity theft.

Voice over IP is a highly advanced technology and therefore questions of quality, functionality and security issues are nothing more than fabrications of the truth caused by common misconceptions.

The security measure taken by voice over IP service providers are so stringent that the likelihood of a data or security infringement are less than a tenth of a percent. It is possible, however, for businesses to take extra steps to ensure their own network security.

This can be achieved by ensuring that antivirus software and firewall applications are up-to-date and active. When operating on a virtual private network, or any network for that matter, it is imperative for users to take into account the importance of hard to obtain password information. By constantly changing password information, and not keeping that information in an easy to locate place, it is possible to achieve an optimized state of security.

When speaking in terms of quality of service, voice over IP is only as good as the Internet connection, broadband size and hardware components available to the business consumer. Investment in high quality components are a key element in ensuring the full potential of IP telephony is reached. By investing in infrastructure such as a wide reaching router and specialized ATA VoIP adapters it is possible to maintain quality far surpassing a conventional telephony structure.

Voice over IP technology is far beyond it’s initial testing phase and can now safely be considered a mature and stable communications platform.

Things To Know When Switching to Business VoIP

The decision to replace an existing packet switch telephone network corporate communications system with a fully functioning voice over IP telephony structure should not be made without careful deliberation.

Although VoIP is a scalable and user friendly application, it does not come without pre-existing requirements. In order to utilize IP telephony in an optimized state, businesses must ensure that they maintain an appropriate Internet connection with enough available bandwidth to send and receive voice communications, while still having enough accessible space left over for additional multi functions to be performed.

Prior experience recommends that businesses retain either a DSL, high speed or greater Internet connection with a minimum broadband connection of 128 kbps in order to see a successful integration of a voice over IP based calling platform. Even though IP telephony is premeditatedly structured to convert voice, data and empty space into encrypted data packets in order to converse bandwidth, any amount smaller than 128 kbps would not provide enough available place spots to perform more than one task on the same network. This would result in lost or unintelligible information, poor quality and a failed communications system.

Businesses should also take into consideration the hardware requirements that meet their needs. Initially voice over IP was intended to be used with an Internet based soft phone application, while this method cost the least it is better suited for home use. The preferable method of corporate VoIP usage is with existing telephony hardware and a special ATA VoIP adapter. Through the use of an ATA adapter, businesses are able to utilize their existing hardware and are not sacrificing quality or service.

When purchasing an ATA adapter it is of great magnitude to understand that even though cost does matter, the most expensive adapter is not necessarily the best. Carefully discuss business requirements with a VoIP service provider as they are best suited to offer advice on what best suits business needs.

The most important requirement of instituting a business VoIP solution is to find a knowledgably equipped voice over IP service provider. Nextiva is an established leader in the field, and provider of the best small business VoIP essentials. For more information visits Nextiva today.

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Learn how Nextiva Analytics gives you unprecedented insight into your business.