10 years ago, our first customer signed on and made us feel like a legit company.

We’ve grown a lot since the early days, from a tiny office to a big HQ and satellite offices around the world; from 1 customer to 150,000; from 4 employees to 1,000.

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Nextiva Turns 10

We’ve come a long way. We went from simply providing VoIP services to offering a suite of products that work together on one platform, that benefit all businesses - large and small, in all verticals. Businesses can finally manage every step of their customer journey.

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Nextiva’s founder and CEO, Tomas Gorny, has a knack for disrupting industries.

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Want to know our secret sauce? It’s Amazing Service - and it fuels everything we do.

Amazing Service stretches all the way from our culture to the voice on the phone when you give us a call.

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Amazing Service?

By the way, we’re also an amazing company to work for.

If you’re thinking of a career in tech, look no further.

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Nextiva Cares is our philanthropic branch dedicated to helping those in need in our Phoenix community. We partner with a local nonprofit organization each month to donate our time, funds, and resources.

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Our goal is to help other companies reach their goals, and we like to share the secrets of our success. That’s why we host NextCon, our annual business conference.


Our plan for the next 10 years?
Helping you Build Amazing.

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