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How to set up Push to Talk

NextOS 3.0: How to configure push to talk

Push to talk is a feature designed to set up intercom-like functionality between the user and others they speak with regularly on the user’s phone system. Follow the steps below to set up this feature:

  1. For Administrators, log in to the NextOS 3.0 Beta portal by visiting and clicking on the customer Login found at the top right.
  2. Log in to the NextOS 3.0 Beta portal with your login credentials.
  3. From the main dashboard, click Manage in the Users tile (Figure 1-1). Figure 1-1: Manage Users
    Don’t see this? Click here for previous versions.
  4. Hover your cursor over the user for whom you want to set up Push to talk, and click the pencil icon to the right (Figure 1-2). Figure 1-2: User Edit
  5. Scroll down and select the Routing section (Figure 1-3). Figure 1-3: Routing Section
  6. Click the pencil icon to the right of Push to Talk to enter the configuration menu (Figure 1-4). Figure 1-4: Edit Push to Talk
  7. Enter the required information as indicated below (Figure 1-5):
    • Allow inbound push to talk: this setting controls whether other users can use push to talk with this user.
    • Connection type: this setting controls whether the conversation is a two-way or one-way conversation. If One-way is selected, only the user who initiates the intercom call can speak to the other user.
    • Allow push to talk from: allows the user to start and stop the recording during a call using feature access codes. Figure 1-5: Push to Talk Basics
  8. Select the users from the Available users list (by clicking the plus sign) who can initiate an intercom call with this user, or not initiate an intercom call with this user, based on the selection in the Allow push to talk from drop-down list. To select all users, click the plus sign next to the All option (Figure 1-6) Figure 1-6: Push to Talk Users
  9. Click the green Save button at the bottom of the Push to talk menu. A pop-up message appears stating the push-to-talk settings have been saved successfully(Figure 1-7). Figure 1-7: Confirmation Message

The other users on the account can activate an intercom call to this user by dialing *50 and then, after the second dial tone, dialing the user’s extension followed by #.

NextOS 2.0: How to set up Call Notify

Push to Talk (PTT) is a service that allows you to setup an intercom-like function between you and coworkers who you speak with regularly via your phone system.

How to set up PTT from the Nextiva Portal:

  1. For administrators, log in to the NextOS Portal by going to and selecting Customer Login from the top right corner. Enter your login credentials and click Sign in. Select Sites & Employees then click on Login under the Admin Login column.
  2. Click Users and search for the employee who you want to set up with PTT. Click Edit to the right of the user who you want to intercom with. If you want others to intercom with you, click Edit to the right of your own name.
  3. Click Call Control on the far-left side of the screen. Click Push to Talk on the right side of the screen.
  4. Make sure the On radio button is selected for the Auto Answer option at the top of the screen.
  5. Select the Allow calls from everyone except the users selected below radio button. Click OK.
  6. NOTE: For most Model Polycom phones, it is possible to add a PTT soft key to facilitate using the Push to Talk feature. If you have a Polycom phone, please contact Nextiva’s support department at 800-285-7995 to have this added.

How to use PTT via your Nextiva phone:

  1. Dial *50 from your Nextiva phone. You will hear three short beeps.
  2. Enter the extension of the person you want to intercom with, then press the # key. You will instantly be connected to other person, and will be speaking with them through their speakerphone.

How to Use Push to Talk from a Polycom Phone

  1. Press the PTT soft key at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter the extension with which you want to intercom.
  3. Press the Enter soft key. You will instantly be connected to other person, and will be speaking with them through their speakerphone.
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