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How many simultaneous calls are allowed per trunk?

You will work with your dedicated Nextiva Sales representative to construct the perfect Trunking account for you and your business. With Nextiva SIP trunking services you determine the number of simultaneous phone calls you’d like to have available at any given time. Then we’ll make sure the correct number of trunks (or lines) are added to your account.

  • You are able to register however many individual phones/devices you like within your PBX
  • 1 trunk line = 1 inbound/outbound phone call at a time
  • For example, if your business needs require the ability to have 20 simultaneous phone calls at all times, then it would require that 20 trunk lines have been added to your plan with Nextiva.
  • In our example, the 21st person to call in would hear a busy signal. Also, no further outbound calls would be successful until one of the existing calls ends.
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