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How to setup the Nextiva enterprise toolbar

This product was moved into an End of Life status as of 02/05/2016

The Nextiva Enterprise Toolbar allows users to integrate their Nextiva phones into Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer or Firefox to perform basic call control and configure commonly used services using an on-screen toolbar instead of a phone or device. This feature is available to Nextiva Enterprise customers only. In order to configure this tool you must have access to your Nextiva Portal login credentials and the proper credentials install and configure software on your Windows PC.

Accepting inbound calls, initiating outbound calls, setting enabling call forwarding functions and when used in concert with the Remote Office feature you can enable external devices to make outbound calls are just some of the things you can do with the Nextiva Enterprise Toolbar.

This is a complete list of the Nextiva Enterprise Toolbar integrated features: (NOTE: The Feature list will require links to the individual guides for further explanation of each) Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Forward Always, Call Forwarding No Answer, Call Forwarding Busy, Do Not Disturb, CommPilot Express, Simultaneous Ring, Automatic Callback, Caller ID Blocking, Nextiva Anywhere, Call Waiting, Remote Office, Voicemail, Outlook / IE Integration

The following steps will allow you to set up The Nextiva Enterprise Toolbar.

  1. Confirm that you have your Nextiva Portal Username and Password available. If you do not have this information, your Nextiva Account Administrator can provide them for you. Confirm that you are able to install software on your Windows PC. This can be confirmed with you Network Administrator or IT Manager and they can properly guide you as to how to proceed. Click on this link: to run the software install. Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox must be closed. The first time the installation is run Windows may display a security “popup” requesting permission to run the installation which will require your approval.
  2. After the installation completes, open Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer or Firefox to configure your Nextiva Enterprise Toolbar. Click the Settings button to display your options. Click the General tab and select the “Auto login when connected to network” option.
  3. Select the Account Tab and enter your Nextiva Portal Username and Password. You may choose to save the Username and Password information here to avoid having to login to the Toolbar every time you reboot your PC. Note: Your Nextiva Portal user account must be enabled in order for the Toolbar to work. Under the Connection tab enter the following Host Address: m and leave the Host Port set to: 2208. Click OK to save your settings and close the window. To begin using your Nextiva Enterprise Toolbar, click the Login button .

For larger customers with IT Professionals on staff, please use this link:

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