How to transfer your numbers to Nextiva

What is porting?

Porting is the process of moving your phone number away from your current provider and transferring it to another provider, such as Nextiva. Nextiva works with one of our hosted carriers to port in your numbers, which requires a completed Letter Of Agency (LOA) and a recent bill from the current provider to start. During this time, you will have service with both Nextiva and your previous provider. You are encouraged to set up your Nextiva phone system using the temporary numbers assigned to you before the completion of porting. Porting can take 2-4 weeks to complete. 

NOTE: Porting a number that is assigned to a DSL line can result in the loss of your Internet connection. If you wish to port your DSL phone number, contact your current provider and let them know so they can set up your Internet service on a different number.

If you have service with Nextiva but have not received the porting LOA form, please click the appropriate link below. 

LOA Links

NOTE: If you have both local and toll-free numbers, two LOAs will be required.

For customers porting out/away from Nextiva this process will need to be started with the new carrier you are porting to. Nextiva porting cannot port out phone numbers.

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