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Using Highlight to Call with the Nextiva App for macOS

With the Highlight to Call feature enabled, Users can highlight a phone number anywhere on the computer screen and apply a keyboard shortcut to initiate a call directly in the Nextiva App. Before using Highlight to Call, create a keyboard shortcut.


Create a keyboard shortcut:

  1. From the Nextiva App, click the Gear icon to open Preferences.
  2. Click the drop-down list icon > Outgoing Calls.

Nextiva App Settings


  1. Under Highlight to Call, click Open system preferences.

Open System Preferences Link


  1. In the macOS System Preferences window, select Shortcuts > Services in the left panel.
  2. Scroll down to Text and select the Call with Nextiva App checkbox.

macOS System Preferences Window


  1. Click none > Add Shortcut that appears.

Add Shortcut Button


  1. Enter a keyboard shortcut by pressing the desired sequence of keys on the keyboard (e.g. Shift-Command-D). Close the macOS System Preferences window.

NOTE: Make sure to select an unused keyboard shortcut. 

Keyboard Shortcut


Use Highlight to Call:

  1. Highlight a phone number from anywhere on the computer screen (e.g. in a browser window).

Highlighted Phone Number


  1. Apply the keyboard shortcut designated for Highlight to Call (e.g. Shift-Command-D) to initiate the call in the Nextiva App.

Call Initiated in the Nextiva App


Updated on July 16, 2019

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