Meetings in Nextiva Cospace

Cospace makes it easy to host and manage meetings. Send meeting invites to anyone for audio or video calls or conferences. Start them instantly or schedule for later. With the Related Space option, you can tie meetings to teamwork spaces and all associated members, so everyone’s in the loop.

Click Meetings on the bottom left corner to view all meetings.  

Creating a meeting

To schedule a meeting, click Plus (+) > Create a Meeting > Schedule Meeting > Notify.

  1. TIP: Invite non-Cospace users by entering the email address of the guest to invite. 

  2. NOTE: If a Related space is not selected, a temporary space is created for the meeting. If a Related space is selected, all members of that space will receive meeting invites. 

To immediately start a meeting, click Plus (+) > Create a Meeting > Start a Meeting > select the members > Notify. Click Call Now or Later. A temporary space is created for the meeting.

Joining a meeting

Click the orange Plus (+) > Join a Meeting > enter the 8 digit PIN > Join.

Editing a meeting

Click Meetings > select Meeting > Edit

New Meeting






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