Product updates for Spring 2022

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Check out our recently released new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

🌟 New features

Dial by extension or name in call flow
  • If you have more than one location, now you can give your callers the option to dial by name or extension for each location. 
  • This feature is most beneficial when users at different locations may have the same extensions or when they have many employees with similar names. 
  • No need to create anything ahead of time. Just select dial by name or dial by extension options off of the call flow and we smart default everything that is needed. 
Quality of Service (QoS) analytics 
  • A new set of analytics that helps the admin ensure voice calls are high quality. The admin can tell QoS at a glance across business locations, and if quality drops, drill down to pinpoint the issue.  
  • The top header and navigation menus across the product have been standardized. No more clicking around and getting “lucky” when you find what you want. Navigation should not be a gamble. You can find what you want when you want it.




New changes

  • My settings 🆕
    Directly access your personal settings.
  • Administration 🆕
    Quickly access administration settings.
  • Licensing was removed as it can be accessed under Administration and Billing.
  • Changed Switch Profile to Switch accounts.
  • Help & support 🆕
    Directly access Nextiva support, including the knowledge base and status page. 
  • New Menu button 🆕
    Quickly access the home page, including all your Nextiva applications from one menu. 
  • Removed the left panel from all areas other than Nextiva CRM.


NextOS enhancements
  • New phone number search field – now you can quickly find phone numbers when assigning to a user or a team with new search option. 
  • Team voicemail and call distribution are now aligned with the call forward unanswered setting, if enabled.  
  • Now you can choose the enterprise phone number and have that location be used to build the call flow.
  • Admin users can now assign an outgoing number & caller ID to a location when created. 
  • Interface updates to make consistent error messages and behaviors. 

🛠 Bug fixes

NextOS admin bug fixes
  • Resolved the duplicates in the phone numbers dropdown
  • Resolved the issue with the ringtone option not saving under team voice settings. 
  • Fixed the issue with voicemail files being converted to a larger size. 
  • Now admin users can access teams page.  
Nextiva voice bug fixes
  • Resolved the issue when attempting to deactivate call flows. 
  • Fixed the onboarding wizard issues – was not loading after account creation and users were unable to change location address in wizard. 
  • Updated the issue when uploading less than five seconds of an audio file. 
  • Added error message when saving additional extensions that are already in use by another user
  • Resolved the issue when trying to select an automated suggestion in the Voicemail to Email field under the user voice settings. 
  • Updated so you can save a voicemail greeting with special characters. 


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