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Setting Up Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do Not Disturb is a feature that places a User's phone into a "busy" status, which will reject calls and send them to the User's "busy" voicemail greeting. Follow the steps below to set up this feature:


  1. For Administrators, log in to NextOS by visiting www.nextiva.com and clicking on Login found at the top of the page. 
  2. Log in to NextOS with your login credentials.
  3. From the main dashboard, hover your cursor over Users and select Manage Users (Figure 1-1).
    Figure 1-1: Manage Users
  4. Hover your cursor over the User you want to set up Do Not Disturb for, and click the pencil icon to the right (Figure 1-2).
    Figure 1-2: Edit User
  5. Scroll down, and select the Routing section (Figure 1-3).
    Figure 1-3: Routing Section
  6. Click the pencil icon to the right of Do not disturb (Figure 1-4).
    Figure 1-4: Do Not Disturb Edit
  7. If desired, select the Play Ring Reminder when a call is blocked check-box. This option will play a short ring when an incoming call is blocked (Figure 1-5).
    Figure 1-5: Ring Reminder Configuration
  8. Click the gray OFF button at the upper-left of the Do not disturb menu to turn the feature to ON. A pop-up message appears stating that the Do Not Disturb settings were saved successfully (Figure 1-6):
    Figure 1-6: Confirmation Message

Using Do Not Disturb through a phone via feature access code:

The feature access code for this feature does not change, regardless of phone model or manufacturer.

NOTE: In this guide, off-hook is used to describe when a phone is in use, or has a dial tone before a call is made. On-hook describes when a phone is idle.

  1. Go off-hook.
  2. Dial *78 to activate Do not disturb, or *79 to deactivate Do not disturb.
  3. You will hear an automated message stating "Your Do not disturb services has been activated successfully" or "Your Do not disturb services has been deactivated successfully."
  4. After the message is finished playing, the phone will automatically hang up.
Updated on June 18, 2018

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