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Nextiva Connect: Getting Started Guide

Nextiva Connect is a virtual business phone service that allows you to answer phone calls anywhere you are. Nextiva Connect gives you the appearance of a large company, even though you may be a startup or small business. The service includes an Auto Attendant greeting that can transfer incoming calls to your mobile phone, route to voicemail, play a recorded message, or transfer to any other phone of your choice. With Nextiva Connect, you don’t need to be in a physical brick and mortar environment; it is perfect for on-the-go businesses.

An Internet connection is not required for Nextiva Connect since the service does not utilize traditional VoIP phones, like in an office setting. The service is cloud-based, which gives your business the ultimate freedom to be anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of Nextiva Connect:

  • Customize your professional Auto Attendant
  • Cater the system to your needs
  • Go green – and save thousands in travel costs
  • One, easy-to-use dashboard with tons of features
  • Manage your phone system via the web and most mobile devices

When you sign up for Nextiva Connect, you receive a welcome email with your username and password. You can log in and set up your account any time you like.

  1. Once logged in, click Sites and then Employees.
  2. Then click Create New Employee. From here, fill out your employee information. Keep in mind you can name employees anything you want. You can even create an employee called Customer Service if it makes sense for your business. The idea is you can create and customize the employees to your desired liking. Don't forget to click Save at the bottom when you are done creating the employee.
  3. Next, click Login next to the employee you just created and navigate to Call Forwarding Profiles. Input the phone number you would like this user to ring when your extension (or direct dial, depending on setup) is called. Make sure to click Save.
  4. Once you are done creating an employee or multiple employees you can set up your business with an Auto Attendant greeting, if you wish. To set up an Auto Attendant, click here.
Updated on March 16, 2017

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