Managing SmartTopics in Nextiva CRM

Better understand the customer experience by assigning SmartTopics to customer interactions within Nextiva CRM. Administrators can assign a single score to each SmartTopic, so when an agent assigns a SmartTopic to a Case, NextOS automatically calculates and applies changes to the Account Experience Score. For example, you can add a “Billing” SmartTopic to calls for credit card updates, or “Support Troubleshooting” for callers experiencing outages, providing companies a holistic view of all Accounts over time.


Creating Categories

SmartTopic Categories help companies keep SmartTopics organized. For example, businesses can create a category related to Support and another for Sales. The General category is available by default.

  1. Visit, and click Login to log in to NextOS.
  2. From the NextOS Home Page, select CRM.
  3. Click Administration Tools (wrench) at the top-right corner of the Nextiva CRM window.
  4. In the left navigation panel, under Customer Journey, click SmartTopics, then click the Manage Categories.


  1. On the pop-up window, click +New Category, enter a category name, and click the green checkmark.

New Category

Creating Topics

Agents assign SmartTopics to each customer interaction to record and analyze the types of requests received.

  1. In the left navigation panel, under Customer Journey, click SmartTopics, then click the green plus (+)
  2. Complete the Topic Organization fields and click Next.

Topic Organization

A. Enter a name for the SmartTopic.

B. Assign the SmartTopic to a category. Click the plus (+) icon to create a new category on the spot.

C. Specify the department(s) for which the SmartTopic is relevant. By default, all departments are selected. Remove individual departments by clicking the corresponding X.

  1. Complete the Assign Topic Points fields (see next screenshot). Click Next.

Assign Topic Points

A. Use the slider or Points Assigned field to specify the number of points to add or deduct from the customer’s Account Experience Score when the User selects this topic for a Case.

Example #1: A caller reaches support to ask for a Password Reset. Since this is not a dire request, we could assign it a minimal negative score.

Example #2: A chat prospect is threatening to cancel if they don’t receive their shipment soon. This should have a very, very low score, perhaps even -100.

B. In the Reopen Penalty field, specify the number of points to deduct from the Account Experience Score if the Case is reopened.

Example #1: Customer is calling for a Password Reset and has had to call back numerous times in a short amount of time. Even though a Password Reset isn’t usually a relationship damager, it could become one if not resolved quickly.

C. Select the Disable Topic Points checkbox to turn off the use of points for this SmartTopic.

  1. In the Resolution & Response Time section, select time limits for resolution. Select the Disable Overage Penalty Points checkbox to turn off point deductions. Click Save

Resolution & Response Time

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