Making and Receiving Calls on the Nextiva App for iPhone

Making an Outbound Call

Make an outbound call from the Nextiva App using the following methods:

  • Open the Dialpad, enter a phone number, then tap the Call  button for an audio call or the Video  button for a video call.



  • Tap on a Contact and tap Call, or tap the Call icon next to the phone number or extension to make an audio call. Tap the Video icon to make a video call.

Contact Profile


  • Open a message and tap the Call icon at the top-right corner.



Answering Calls

Tapping Answer connects the call. Tapping Decline follows the User’s Call Forward When Unanswered setting, just like it would on a physical phone.


Initiating a Three-Way Call

The Nextiva App supports calls with up to two additional participants. While on a two-way call, tap the ellipses on the bottom right corner and select Conference. Search and select a contact. Both participants will be displayed on the In Call screen once the conference is established. The other way to create a conference call, or to add participants to an existing conference call, is to tap New Call, and then select Merge.


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Updated on June 11, 2020

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