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Letter of Agency (LOA)

How can I get a Letter of Agency (LOA) porting form?

Nextiva will be working with one of our hosted carriers to port in your numbers who will require a completed LOA. If you have not yet received the porting LOA form, please email Include the numbers you wish to port and the carrier from where you are porting. We will then send you the LOA to get the porting process started.

How do I fill out my LOA?

The information on your LOA must match the exact authorized name, service address and billing telephone number that your current provider has on their customer service record (CSR). If there is a mismatch, your port request may be rejected. There is an example form attached to each LOA to assist you.  For additional questions, please contact

Where do I get the info to fill out my LOA?

Nextiva must match what your current carrier has on file for your account in order to port your number. You may use your current carrier’s bill or contact your current carrier to verify your account information or request a Customer Service Record (CSR) from them.

Do I have to provide a bill with my LOA?

You do not have to provide a bill with your LOA as long as your LOA is completed and your current carrier and account number is provided to us. We may request a bill, however, if there is additional information requested from the carrier.

Updated on December 16, 2016

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