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I am Unable to Receive Inbound Faxes Through My Email

Email to fax will allow a user to send fax via email and have that email converted to a fax and sent to a fax machine.

Troubleshooting inbound email problems:

Most email-to-fax issues are related to the how the email address is formatted.  Please try the following to help resolve any inbound email problems.

  • When sending a fax via email the phone number must always be 11 or 10 digits. (for example or ; No dashes, spaces, periods.
  • Verify the email account that faxes are sending from is the primary email on the account.
  • Verify email domain is on the email allowed domain list below.
  • Verify the  attachment is a valid attachment type listed below.

Valid attachment types for email:

  • Image Files (TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG)
  • Adobe Acrobat Files (PDF)
  • Microsoft Office Files (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX,PPT ,PPTX)
  • Printer File Formats (PCL, EPS, PS)
  • Internet Files (HTML, XML, XSL)
  • Text Files (TXT, RTF)

Current allowed email domains:

  • *.biz,*.co,*.com,*.edu,*.fm,*.info,*.net,*.org,*.tv,*.us,*,*,*,
  • *,

Outbound notifications:

  • Make sure the user adds to your address book or white list or emails to avoid SPAM filters.
  • Here are the IP Addresses to allow if there is a Firewall on the network:
  • =
  • =
  • email from =


Updated on December 29, 2016

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