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  3. How to Add a Polycom® VVX 600/601
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  3. How to Add a Polycom® VVX 600/601

How to Add a Polycom® VVX 600/601

If you purchased your new phone(s) directly from Nextiva, you are all set! You should now be able to make a test call.  

When setting up a new device on your Nextiva account, the first two steps are to Add a Device and Create Employees.  Be sure to complete these steps before provisioning your phone(s). 

If you did not purchase your phone(s) from Nextiva, please follow these setup steps.

For help using your Polycom VVX phone, including common functions, click here.




How to set up a Polycom VVX 600/601 with Nextiva:


Note: The phone will attempt to boot up and configure to the settings of the employee assigned to the phone. Please allow a few minutes. If the phone displays the error "Could not contact boot server", it is important to check that the correct MAC Address is assigned to the employee by logging in to the NextOS Portal. Also, be sure the Server Address was entered exactly as directed above. Having a capital letter or a missing character can prevent the phone from connecting.


  1. To start, reboot the phone (or unplug it and plug it back in). You'll see a 10 second countdown timer displayed on the phone after reboot.
  2. Press the Setup key when it is displayed on the screen.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a password. The default password is 456.
  4. Scroll down to Server Menu and press Select.
  5. Edit the Server Type and change it to HTTP using the left and right arrows on the phone. Select OK.
  6. Edit the Server Address.

    • (For VVX 600  
    • (For VVX 601 ) 

      • Important Note: The Server Address is case sensitive and has to match up precisely with the server URL (i.e.  
      • There is a key labeled a/A/1 on the screen that can be used to alternate between lowercase/uppercase/numbers.
      • The asterisk (*) key is used for periods.
      • The pound (#) key is used for forward slashes (/), underscores (_), and dashes (-).
  7. When you finish entering the URL, press OK. Press Back and scroll down to select Tag SN to UA. Set this to Enabled and press OK.
  8. Press Exit twice, then Save, and Reboot. Please allow a few minutes for the device to reboot.


For help using your Polycom VVX phone, including common functions, click here.




NextOS 2.0: Adding a Polycom® VVX 600 to a Nextiva account

Remove the phone from the box and place it need a location that has an active Internet connection and power outlet. Plug the ethernet cord into the port labeled LAN, and connect the other side to a router, switch or active wall port. If you have purchased your Polycom VVX 600 from Nextiva, you will need to follow these steps.










How to set up the Polycom VVX 600 from the Nextiva Portal:

  1. Log in to the NextOS Portal by going to and selecting Customer Login from the top right corner. Enter your administrator login credentials and click Sign in.
  2. Xelect View & Edit Devices. Then click Add New Device. Since you purchased your phone from Nextiva, the device(s) will display automatically on this page. Once you have located your phone on the list, make sure you know the MAC Address so you can properly assign the phone.
  3. To assign this phone, click on Sites & Employees, select the Edit next to the employee's name you wish to edit. To assign this device to the employee, click Assign New Device under the Assigned Devices Section, select the device (look at the MAC address) and assign it to the user. Reboot the device to display the new extension.

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Updated on June 19, 2017

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