How to Expedite a Port

Often times there is little Nextiva can do in the name of speeding up a port, due to restraints at the carrier-level currently. However, ensuring the information you submit to us is accurate will greatly reduce the chances of hitting a speed bump. There are also special circumstances where expedition is possible.

How to expedite a port:

  1. Fill out and return your LOA as quickly as possible. (
  2. Contact your current carrier to verify your account information and make sure there are no pending orders currently processing on your account (ie: address changes, moneys owed/past due, scheduled work orders…).
  3. Provide Nextiva Porting with a direct contact name, number and email of a representative with your current carrier who will approve and assist in expediting your port. Most carriers will only assist in expediting a port if you currently have escalated phone issues disrupting your service.
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Updated on July 11, 2019

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