Spaces in Nextiva Cospace

Create a Space and collaborate with multiple members via chat, video, screen share, or call. Cospace will store your chat history and all shared files and links in one central location. All Spaces joined will appear on the left panel of the Cospace window, along with your company-wide directory. 

Creating a Space

Click Plus (+) > Create a Space > enter a name > Next +Add > select members > +Add > Next > set the privacy level > Next Create

Joining a Public Space

Click the orange Plus (+) > Join Public Space + Join. 

Managing Spaces 

Click Expand on the right side of the window to view the space details, including the space settings, members, and more. Click the Gear to view the space rules and more. 


Only Administrators of the respective space can do the following actions:

Adding Members
  • Click Plus (+) > select member(s)  > + Add.
Removing Members
  • Click the member > Trash Can > Remove.
Editing Space Name
  • Click the space name in the right panel > edit name > Enter.
Editing Space Settings
  • Click the Gear > Space Settings Save.
Deleting a Space
  • Click the Gear > Delete space Delete Space.
Quitting a Space
  • Click the Gear > Quit this space.




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