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Nextiva Connect: FAQs

Nextiva Connect is a flexible forwarding service packed with features such as an Auto Attendant, unlimited extensions, professional voicemail service and multiple forwarding options.

Can I receive international calls with Nextiva Connect?

Yes, if you have a US-local number you can receive calls from international phones with Nextiva Connect. There is no extra charge to you for incoming international calls. The person calling you will be responsible for any international fees on their end. Please note, if you have a toll free number, international callers will not be able to reach you, as this is a limitation of all toll free numbers.

Can I make outbound phone calls with Nextiva Connect?

Because Nextiva Connect is an inbound-only call service with no physical desk phone tied to a brick and mortar environment, there is not a way to make outbound calls through the Nextiva Connect system. However, you are just an upgrade away! Call our Amazing Sales Team at 800.799.0600.

How do I contact Nextiva Customer Service?

To contact our support team please email us at support@nextiva.com, Submit a Ticket, or give us

call at 800.285.7995.

Updated on December 16, 2016

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