Configuring Nextiva Cospace Settings and Notifications

Manage all audio notifications and User details, including your photo and phone number for SMS alerts under settings.

From the Cospace Dashboard, click Profile on the top right corner > Settings. 

Profile Settings

Edit User details such as first and last name, phone number for SMS alerts, and your profile photo. Click Camera to take a picture with the webcam or click Import to upload an image file. 

Audio Notifications

Play audio notifications while Cospace is open in any browser tab when receiving a call or a message, for example. Click the toggles to turn ON (orange) or OFF (gray) the sound and select the desired tone to play from the drop-down list.

Profile Settings


Receive email and SMS alerts when Cospace is not running. Click the toggles to turn ON (orange) and OFF (gray) the alert for contact requests, chat messages, incoming calls, meeting invitations, and task assignments.




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