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  3. How to Use an Auto Dialer with Nextiva Trunking

How to Use an Auto Dialer with Nextiva Trunking

Auto Dialers are a third-party device not provided by Nextiva. Although we do support the use of auto dialers, you’ll want to consult your auto dialer manufacturer for assistance using the device.

  • Note: Please keep in mind PBXs are managed by a resource at your company. Nextiva’s SIP trunk service is simply the means to establish a SIP connection for making and receiving calls. Beyond providing the SIP details and offering support on the initial authentication details, all other settings and troubleshooting is managed by your company’s IT resource.
  • Nextiva’s service allows auto dialer systems as long as the calls are for legitimate purposes and the ratio of calls does not exceed 1 call per 1 second. If your PBX or auto dialer software has a ratio setting, you will need to tune it so that no more than one call per second is dialing. Anything beyond a 1 call to 1 second ratio will result in call failure. Please note, although we allow auto dialers to be used, we aren’t able to troubleshoot third party devices/software.
  • Please see your PBX manual or your in-house IT technician for the steps needed to adjust calls this ratio.
Updated on December 27, 2016

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