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Transferring Existing Number(s) to a vFAX Account

As a Nextiva customer, you can port your existing phone number(s) to vFAX service.

How to port your number(s):

  1. Send an email to with your Nextiva account number or the fax number on your account. Include the numbers you wish to port into your Nextiva service, along with the name of your previous carrier.
  2. Nextiva will identify, based on the information submitted, which Nextiva carrier will hold the number once it’s ported and send you the paperwork corresponding to that carrier. The porting department will also need a copy of a bill from your previous provider along with the completed paperwork.
  3. Complete the paperwork and fax/email it back, along with a copy of your bill from the carrier currently holding your number. As soon as Nextiva receives this paperwork, the porting department will put a request in to your previous carrier to release the number with the required paperwork. Provided that all required paperwork is submitted, the carrier will process the request and send us back a Firm Order Completion (or FOC) date, which is the day when the port will take place. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete, and you are required to keep service with us and the previous carrier during the porting process.
  4. A few days before the FOC date, Nextiva will add the fax number to your account. Even though Nextiva doesn’t control the number yet, this makes it possible to assign the number before porting, which helps eliminate downtime on the day the port happens. If this is not done, when the previous carrier releases the number and Nextiva captures it, it will not be assigned anywhere and will not work until it is.
  5. Once all desired numbers have been ported into Nextiva vFAX, your account with the previous provider may be closed.

NOTE: It is important that your account stay open until all desired numbers are ported to Nextiva vFAX. Your previous carrier won’t release the number if there is a pending balance on the account or if the account is closed. It must be a working account with no debt for the port to be approved. Nextiva doesn’t have the ability to cancel a customer’s account with previous providers.

For more information about Nextiva porting, please contact our Support Team at 800-285-7995 from 5:00am – 6:00pm AZ time Monday-Friday, or Saturday from 9:00am – 1:00pm AZ time. Or, simply fax us at 866-564-9150 or email us at

Updated on December 27, 2016

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