Amy Barzdukas

Amy Barzdukas

CMO | Polycom, now a part of Plantronics

Amy joined Polycom in 2015 as Vice President of Global Solutions Marketing and was promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer in 2017.

Amy is a global marketing executive with 20 years of experience in technology industry. As VP of Global Solutions, she led Polycom’s sales enablement, product and services marketing, alliance marketing and competitive teams for nearly two years with significant successes.

Prior to joining Polycom, Amy served as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for HP’s Business Personal Systems group and had a successful 16-year career at Microsoft with multiple leadership and general manager roles, including General Manager of Competitive Marketing Strategy and General Manager Marketing Communications in the Server and Tools Business and General Manager of Product Management and Product Marketing for Internet Explorer and Consumer Security.

Amy brings a depth of experience across the marketing disciplines and a passion for customers, technology and for evangelizing the Workplace of the Future. She also has a passion for the new era of corporate etiquette in the digital workplace and is a driving force behind the notion of "vidiquette."

Amy is based in San Jose, CA, and holds a bachelor of arts degree from Abilene Christian University.

“Great storytelling can make our solutions real to our customers and help them see new ways to solve their business problems. Polycom helps our customers navigate global trends and understand what’s needed to successfully manage their workplace of the future.”