Let's take our relationship to the NEXT LEVEL.
(Unless you have a fear of heights.)

Join us at NextCon 2019

We could bore you with all sorts of solid business reasons to attend NextCon (like how it’s three huge days packed with 30+ intensive sales & marketing sessions from industry giants, hands-on Nextiva product training, unbelievable motivational speakers, networking and recognition events, advanced certification opportunities—and so much more).

And all of that stuff is awesome and totally valid. But you should also attend because this conference is flat out fun—from the welcome reception to the private wrap-up concert featuring a host of super-stars. Best of all, it’s a legit business expense so you can write it off. Boom.

Need more reasons (or hardcore stats to show your boss)? Here's what NextCon delivered for previous attendees:

7x more
45% higher
55% more new
100% inspiration

Don't believe us? Hear it straight from our partners.


"NextCon offers a unique atmosphere compared to your average tech conference, by assisting with the growth of your business and providing hands-on interaction with products and your Nextiva team."

- Teddy Mathis | One Stop Communications -

"If you’re looking to expand your Nextiva sales, NextCon is a must-attend event. With Nextiva’s explosive growth in the market, NextCon allows you to stay up-to-date on all the new industry trends that Nextiva rolls out."

- Suzanne Croisdale | PremCom -

"NextCon is such a dynamic event that offers you the opportunity to create relationships in the market that other Tech Conferences don’t. NextCon does this so incredibly well because, rather than focusing on Nextiva, it focuses on us - the partners - and our tools for success to grow a better business."

- Eddi Acosta | Master Agent - Intelisys -

"NextCon showcases how Nextiva has put themselves on the map with their innovation by creating a fun, engaging, and product-focused conference. NextCon offers partners the opportunity to share information through breakout sessions and hands-on trainings with the Nextiva team."

- Matt Brewer | Brewer Communications -

"NextCon lets me meet other partners across the country and learn best practices. Most importantly to me, it allows me to further develop my relationship with the people who work behind the scenes at Nextiva – I would not have the very best team that I have today without the networking available at NextCon.

- Bill Leutzinger | Master Agent - Motivity -