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Tabarka Studio Saves with Advanced VoIP Phone System

For many years, Tabarka Studio had a legacy phone system that consisted of two traditional phone lines. With this system, only two workers could use the phone at a time. If both lines were in use, incoming callers would receive a busy signal.

To make matters worse, if one phone line was in use and a phone call came in, employees would, at times, mistakenly interrupt the line in use. Also, for its messages, the company used an answering machine, which didn't route calls properly to individual people at the company.

VoIP Consideration for Small Business

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technologically advanced method to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. Because it is user-friendly and less costly than traditional landlines, it is gaining popularity as a replacement for regular phones, particularly in the small business world.

Many small, medium and large businesses of all kinds with a broadband-level Internet connection have embraced this new technology as a better, more efficient and cost-effective communication system.

Below are some of the main considerations for business owners to contemplate with regard to using a VoIP phone service.

5 Myths that Keep Small Business Hooked on Old Phone Systems

There are many misconceptions about that the phone companies want small businesses to believe in order to keep them as landline customers. Some of the more common myths to much more affordable, technologically advanced VoIP phone services.

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