With online fax – people no longer need a fax machine.
The dreaded fax machine. It was loud. It was gray or black. It made that awful dialing sound. It never had enough paper. The confirmation slips were never consistent. The ink cartridges were expensive. One had to scan, print, and copy documents to get them in the right form before faxing them. And one could never save high quality versions of often used documents. In addition, one never knew if those important pieces stayed private or were printed off on the other end and picked up by the wrong party.

Now, however, with online fax, people no longer need a fax machine. Online faxing allows customers to send and receive faxes online to other machines. This means customers can create a PDF or a like format of their passport, for instance, instead of scanning it, creating copies and faxing it. They will have a high quality version on their computer that they can keep safe and fax out. This ensures that the fax goes to the right party in the right condition. In addition, when faxes of important documents are received, customers can keep them organized and safe on their personal hard drives. There is no risk of losing precious papers.

Not to mention that online fax allows the customer to get rid of those bulky and expensive machine. The mobility and freedom of one’s personal computer reduces the cost and headache of traditional fax machines. There is no reason to resort to old-fashioned methods when with online faxing, people no longer need a fax machine.