Faxing may seem a thing of the past, but it is far from obsolete. However, there is a new way of faxing: online faxing. Whereas traditional faxing required that bulky machine, the loud dial tone, the unreliable transmissions and expensive toner, online faxing avoids all of these pitfalls. Online faxing uses high speed internet to send or receive faxes.

Because online faxing uses the internet, there is no reason to invest in expensive equipment. In addition, received faxes can be saved and catalogued on an individual’s hard drive. This avoids the familiar situation of lost important documents. The reliability of faxing is increased with the internet, so one is waiting for the confirmation slip. And for those sending important documents out, such as resumes or frequently used documents, these can also be scanned and saved on the hard drive and sent with one click. This is much easier as opposed to constantly copying and faxing documents. This retains high quality documents that are easily saved, edited and sent out again.

In addition, online faxing is greener and does not require nearly as much paper or equipment as traditional faxing. There is no need to invest in the bulky machine or the expensive toner. In addition, online faxing can be used with partners who do not have it, seamlessly integrating new and old technologies. There is no reason not to maximize on the efficiency of online faxing.