Nextiva provides reliable, quality VoIP business phone systems and includes a free automated attendant to help enhance your company’s professional image.  The benefits of a VoIP business account include unlimited local and long distance calling, no contracts or setup fees and you can keep your existing phone number.  Now that you have found a trusted service provider, what does your business require in order to get the most from your VoIP experience?

The first thing to consider is a broadband internet connection. VoIP telephony works best on a fast broadband, satellite or DSL connection. The ideal minimum bandwidth needed for business VoIP is 512kp-bps/128 kbps or greater. It is important to maintain a speed fast enough to sustain a conversation and permit internet communications (faxes, emails) at the same time.

Next you will need a reliable VoIP router. Many small business VoIP “all-in-one” routers offer the functionality of several ports to connect additional telephones, faxes or to network several computers together simultaneously.  The major advantages to using an “all-in-one” router are the added effectiveness of built-in firewall software and the ability to prioritize bandwidth traffic.

Next on your list of things to consider is an IP Phone. Internet phones look similar to a traditional phone set, however, instead of connecting into a phone jack an IP phone connects directly into the Ethernet port of the router.  Properly configured, an IP phone does not require any additional software to make or receive phone calls.

VoIP is simple to setup and easy to use. By following these simple requirements you are ensuring that your business receives the highest benefits and value possible from your Nextiva VoIP for business experience.  Be sure to ask your representative about the 25 advanced features, included free, with Nextiva VoIP for business.

Nextiva is an award winning VoIP provider. Nextiva has received numerous awards from technology and communications experts for customer service, network features, and reliability.