With so many small businesses jumping on the VoIP bandwagon it is hard to discredit its many advantageous benefits. As a highly advanced method of corporate telecommunications VoIP is flexible, easily manageable and extremely cost effective to those operating on a small business budget but wanting the same great tools and features as the industry key players.

One of the most favored aspects of business VoIP comes under the guise of unlimited calling. VoIP providers routinely reward their clientele with the ability to call both domestically and overseas without the needs to worry about costly per minute billing. If a business routinely does business outside of their local calling area, it may be a good idea to explore the possibility of a small business VoIP service plan.

The thought of using the Internet to handle their most confidential business calls may be discerning to some, as it rightfully should be. Security is paramount in today’s society and considered a top issue amongst the most reputable solutions providers. When finalizing the decision as to which small business VoIP provider to hire, make certain that security is one of their top priorities.

Outside of the responsibilities of the VoIP provider, there are several aspects that the small business can address on their own to enhance the security of their VoIP system greatly:

A. Review the functionality of the network and security equipment, along with the firewall, routers, and IP networks. Is each element capable of supporting the prerequisites of the VoIP phone systems security applications?

B. Upgrade and update the firewall and antivirus programs to ensure that they are capable of combating intrusions and other threats should they arise.

C. Ensure that the network is structured to use VLANs to categorize different devices and traffic separately. Setting up VoIP devices on individualized VLANs will allow data traffic to be isolated from voice traffic and also ensure a greater Quality of Service.