For many individuals, maximizing technology in their personal lives has already happened. The smartphones with the integrated applications, the constant connection and the streamlined productivity. However, business owners and employers have been a bit slower on getting on this. With the advent of the new year, it is time to change this. By simply integrating business VoIP in daily business routines, communication and productivity can be more efficient and help the company grow.

But what exactly is business VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It allows for the transmission of voice calls, faxes, texts and other multimedia communications to be transferred over the internet rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN.) Not only does this create a sustainable and smoother communication technique, but it also saves businesses money and allows companies to perfect their presentation to clients. Because of the customizable features, it provides a more professional and polished way to communicate. So what are these features? If subscribing with a company such as Nextiva, business VoIP grants a toll-free or local telephone number, depending on the business’ needs and the kind of brand they would like to create. Once the phone number has been established, there are a range of voicemail features, including an automatic mailing of voicemails to an email account so they can be easily sorted for deletion, responses, or records. There is also the option of an automatic attendant, which can give the appearance of more corporate company – it is used to greet callers and route them to the appropriate person. A business can also create unique greetings for holidays or after hours. There is also the option of online faxing and the ability to route calls to a range of business lines, mobile numbers or home phones.

Business VoIP also offers on-hold music for callers and number portability at the onset, so previous contacts can be seamlessly integrated into the new system. There is also a web portal interface to easily manage all these features.

Business VoIP can revolutionize the way that a company runs and allow it grow. Look into getting your company’s phone system to use a business VoIP provider today!