In an era where an organizations employees can span the globe, it is important to ensure that people and the business remain connected and well informed of on-going business trends and operations.  The successful business owner understands the importance of keeping people within the organization connected, and sees the value in a unified communications platform.

With technological advances such as web conferencing and video-audio instant messaging it is possible for a business practitioner tending to business in France to participate in a board meeting being held Iowa – without having to step foot on a plane.

VoIP technologies have surpassed their telephony predecessors so well that it is now possible for colleagues, co-workers, clients and the likes to remain connected in real-time, regardless of their geographical location, ensuring that everyone is always current and up-to-date and that the lines of communication are never closed.

IP telephony tools, such as web conferencing, are essential in improving business efficiency and productivity.   Enterprises, small and large, are utilizing web conferencing capabilities to conduct live meetings, presentations and even training in an up-to-the-minute real-time environment. The concept of web conferencing is quite simple: each participant sits at their own computer or conferencing station and is connected to other participants via the Internet.   Much like a standard board room type conference, web conference users are able to utilize features such as; slide show presentations, live or streaming videos, voice and audio communication, whiteboards and even screen sharing.

Since tools such as web conferencing and video-audio instant messaging are part of a unified communications output, businesses can expect substantial savings in both time and travel. The end result is increased productivity and a well informed business unit. Web conferencing is accessible over the Internet, providing a fast and convenient method to ensure that users world-wide remain connected  and quickly updated on all important business factors.

Web conferencing and video-audio instant messaging are just some of the unified communications features that businesses are using to work smarter and save costs.  Since web conferencing allows the use of document sharing, organizations are able to ensure that projects are completed quickly and accurately by allowing the necessary parties to view each document simultaneously.  Documents can be viewed and edited in a real-time environment, a form of group work that would have traditionally cost a business money in both time and travel expense.

A unified communications platform, with web conferencing capabilities ensures that your business remains globally connected. A value unlike any other.