One of the many great developments of VoIP is the inclusion of fax services over an IP telephony platform. Utilizing the principles of VoIP technology to include fax communication provides businesses with a cost effective, reliable and highly flexible data communications platform.
Given the challenges associated with traditional faxing, and the high cost maintenance of conventional fax machines, many businesses had begun to quit using faxing as a method of business communications. At the time, there was no reliable alternative available to mitigate the risks of paper jams, missed faxes, ink spills and other mechanical failures.
Fax over Internet Protocol, or vFAX as it is known to consumers of Nextiva, Inc., takes advantage of the most advanced VoIP technologies to transmit faxes directly over an existing broadband Internet connection and into an email platform. The most advantageous benefit of a vFAX service is the ability to effortlessly send or receive faxes from any location, using a VoIP solution. Deploying a faxing solution, in conjunction with IP telephony service, allows businesses to free up resources, alleviate maintenance headaches and eliminates the need for a separate and dedicated phone line.
In an era where every business is concerned with getting maximum return on their investments, utilizing a cost effective service to deploy business communications is a relevant necessity. VoIP faxing has quickly become an irreplaceable tool in the business world; particularly for smaller organizations with limited resources. A Nextiva vFAX solution is highly portable, allowing employees to send or receive faxes from any geographical location, so long as there is an active Internet connection. Even more significant is the ability to receive fax notifications as voice-mail or email attachments, helping to ensure that there is never the possibility of missing a fax.
Anyone familiar with a standard email client is fully capable of operating a virtual faxing solution, as both maintain similar qualities and essentially are operated identically. Using the Internet and VoIP technology to handle fax communications allows businesses to eliminate the need to purchase expense consumable materials, such as; ink, paper, toner and ribbons. Much like every great VoIP feature, IP faxing is designed to save both time and money while aiding small businesses in optimizing their communications abilities.