In an era where every one is rushed and no one seems to have enough time, any tool designed to put time back into one’s schedule is of great value. Business VoIP and web conferencing are designed to do just that. As a replacement to planning an entire business meeting around the travel schedules of geographically disperses participants, businesses are able to host up-to-the-minute meetings quickly and with ease with the use of web conferencing technologies.

The introduction of web conferencing opened the door to new potential for the small business market. It allowed controllers to reduces costs, save time and boost energy by providing them with a complete set of tools and software. Through developing a standard web conferencing model to replace their traditional business conference practice, small businesses in particular where able to reallocate funds to other more pertinent areas of the company.

Using the Internet to host business meetings allowed smaller business to reach a global scope; a feat that proved difficult in the past. Web conferencing provides all of the basic features of a traditional conference – in a virtualized and fully interactive format. For example, still available are computerized versions of whiteboards, slideshows and even document sharing capabilities.

Businesses relying on web conferencing to routinely host company meetings are able to do so with ease with the added use of voice over IP telephony as it is compatible with most conferencing software. A particular benefit to those who request participation from employees scattered geographically as it allows for unlimited calling ability.

Another key benefit of using voice over IP in conjunction with web conferencing is it’s unique ability to reduce mental fatigue and allow for added comprehension of the materials being presented. Studies have proven that people have difficulty distinguishing between multiple speakers in a web conference environment, particularly if one or more speakers has a thick or hard to understand lower toned accent. This is due to a physiological ability for the human ear to only be able to pick up certain decibels and tones. Voice over IP provides a higher quality voice output, particularly when using HD VoIP, making it easier for the human ear to differentiate tonal structures.

Using voice over IP in a web conferencing environment is a sure fire way to ensure that the investment in IP telephony is working to generate optimal results.