Keeping pace with larger competitors is an ongoing struggle for the small business man and the most difficult area of competition has always been the ability to invest in the latest and greatest technological advancements.
Voice over IP, or VoIP as it is more commonly known, is one of the business driving forces enabling smaller enterprises to maintain a competitive edge without delving too deeply into their fixed budget.

Simply put, VoIP is the term used to describe the facilitated use of the Internet to transmit voice communications over the Internet. In addition to verbal communications, a VoIP subscription also enables business users to transmit written and video communications. The use of VoIP in a small business scenario has large cost savings potential as the need for multiple networks is eliminated and businesses are able to carry out communications over a single converged network.

Since most small businesses already maintain a low cost broadband Internet solution it is likely that they will be able to effortlessly experience the rewards of VoIP. Once a business has become using VoIP it is likely that they will see little use to maintain a complete analog phone system and immediately realize the benefits of eradicating this unnecessary expense.

The most noteworthy and advantageous benefit of VoIP has always been in the form of substantial expense reduction. Since all communications over a VoIP network will be routed through the Internet, the restrictions of geographical locations become irrelevant. This provides extreme benefit to businesses with geographical disperse locations of those routinely serving international clientele.

Another benefit of business VoIP is the ability to harness the advantages of a toll-free calling number, historically the use of such business features would be out of reach for those operating on a small business budget. Through the use of VoIP the small business practitioner is now able to offer his consumers a free of charge form of contact that will only affect the business in a positive and revenue driving fashion.

Small business class VoIP is not limited to strict phone use. Employees on the go can access data and other communications services through any number of gadgets including mobile phones, PDAs, iPADs, laptops and many other handheld devices. This means that smaller businesses and employees working from the road can always remain connected and make use of the same great tools and features that they would have while in the office.