By definition, VoIP, to most is synonymous with cheap telephone calls. Voice over IP offers so much more than unlimited local and International calling. One of the often overlooked features of business VoIP is the Web Conference.

Web conferencing capabilities, used with VoIP service, offer many advantageous benefits to the business market. Participants world wide are able to attend business discussions or conferences, in a real time environment, without ever leaving their desks. More importantly, it also allows attendees to virtually share documents, files, videos and presentations instantly.

Invited participants have the ability to follow along with the main speakers computer screen as they show slides, or highlight important information on a whiteboard. This technology is especially beneficial to distant offices, with parent companies in different countries, since web conferencing eliminates the need for travel and works to ensure a proactive group environment – where everyone is always on the same page.

Using the Internet, and voice over IP telephony, to host such events is becoming increasingly popular as a medium by which to train employees and new hires. Instead of having a training facilitator travel between multiple locations, businesses are now opting to connect every employee with the facilitator via web conference. Not only does this save a great deal of time and money, but it also helps to ensure that all employees are receiving the same information in a real time fashion. Hosting training events via the Internet, also helps to decrease the amount of disposable material required, since documents can be viewed online and then stored for review at a later date. Thus reducing the need for paper and ink consumption.

It has been reported that businesses who capitalize on voice over IP web conferencing functions often see a large increase in employee productivity. This can be attributed to the fact that all employee receive the same information, in an easy to digest format, reducing the confusion and stress that can often arise as result of incomprehension or misinterpretation of information. This is particularly true of businesses who incorporate high definition VoIP into their web conferencing platforms. HD VoIP provides high quality voice and clarity, especially when multiple speakers are involved or one speaker has a thick accent.

Real time web conferencing is just one of the many benefits that voice over IP brings to the business world. To discuss the other ground breaking features available, contact your hosted VoIP provider today.