Imagine a world where small businesses are given the same opportunities as large enterprises, a world where essential business communication features where widely available to all corporations regardless of their size or net worth. A world where businesses where given access to unlimited calling, without breaking their fiscal budget. In a world powered by VoIP the possibilities are limitless.

A voice over Internet telephony structure operates on the low cost efficiency of the Internet and provides the small business owner with high quality communications essentials that were once reserved for major corporations having the available funds to pay for overpriced utilities and infrastructure.

IP telephony offers the freedom to walk away from the overpriced maintenance fees and outrageous cost per minute billing structure of the local telephone company. Deploying a voice over IP system means unlimited local and long distance calling, technologically advanced auto attendant functions, an impressive list of beneficial calling features and the power to connect hundreds of employees from different locations all over the world.

When using a fully functioning VoIP platform businesses are given access to many of the same calling features and tool that are available on a traditional platform, but they are offered at a mere fraction of the price. Voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting and three-way calling are still available but with VoIP businesses can now choose to receive emails to their voicemail or vice versa, and can now instantly have a call made to a Boston number routed to a phone in New York almost effortlessly.

Perhaps the best part of switching to a hosted voice over IP system is the potential for high cost rewards. The majority of businesses who switch experience an 80% drop in telephony expenses less than one year after implementation.

Switching to VoIP is as easy as two simple phone calls; the first call to Nextiva to say “Hello” to a more efficient and higher quality telephony platform, and the second to your old phone company to say “Good-Bye” to hassles, high maintenance fees and pricey services you pay for but never use.