Voice over IP or VoIP as it is more widely recognized as is no longer a new technology; in fact it has become a staple of business telecommunications. Given the uniqueness of VoIP it enables businesses to make and receive phone calls without the nominal charges associated with conventional telephony. Its cost saving principles makes the technology a particular benefit to smaller enterprises.

The most largely known benefit that VoIP holds of conventional telephony comes in the form of significant cost savings. Since VoIP solutions providers are not governed by the same laws and taxes as the local phone company they are able to pass many great cost saving advantages onto their consumers. The majority of established VoIP providers offer low cost unlimited calling plans that are held in high regard in the business world. Unlimited domestic and long distance calling enables businesses to avoid the expenses often associated with traditional telephony services and widen their communications reach without the threat of rising communications fees.

As a complete and comprehensive telecommunications platform VoIP is both portable and fully flexible. Since both data and voice networks are merged into a single network substantial operating cost savings are possible. The scalability and flexibility of a VoIP system allows businesses and employees to move, relocate and grow with ease. With VoIP employee moves are as simple as unplugging and IP and moving it to a different broadband outlet.
More companies are opening their doors to a mobile workforce, and with VoIP the possibilities of remote hiring are endless. Employees working from outside of the physical office location will have access to the entire corporate telephone system from any location that maintains a valid Internet connection. There is also the option of having voicemail messages and faxes delivered directly to email and intelligent call routing to forward calls to any location the intended employee happens to be.

VoIP has been specially engineered to assist smaller businesses in attaining the goals while saving them both time and money.