In education, not all children have the same ability to learn at the same level. Some children have a physical disability such as loss of hearing, speech or the inability to use their hands or legs. Other children have other learning disabilities such as a reading disability, writing disability and others have problems with comprehension of information presented.

To assist children with learning disabilities, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 1973 was enacted to guarantee that children with disabilities receive equal educational opportunities. Section 504 gives guidance for schools to provide assistance in special education as well as the workplace.

To learn more about Special Education and learning disabilities, here are some helpful resources:

Disability Resources

  • – informational government web site covering a wide range of areas of the disabled.
  • Children with Special Needs – resourceful web site providing information on special education services.
  • Disability Education – information on educational assistance for the disabled.
  • Disability Education Resources – helpful collection of educational resources for the disabled.
  • Education Resources – assistance in education for disabled individuals.

Learning Disabilities

Speech Impairment

  • Speech Impairments – general information on what are speech impairments and how they impact individuals.
  • Speech Impairment Guidelines – information and guidelines on education of students with speech impairment.
  • Speech Impairments – information and typical accommodations for students with speech impairments.
  • Speech and Language Impairments – helpful information about speech and language impairments in students.

Hearing Impairment

Vision Impairment

Behavior Disorders

  • Behavior Disorder Education – information on how to teach children with behavior disorders.
  • Behavior Disorder and Emotional Disturbance – informative web site on behavior issues in education.
  • Emotional Behavior Disabilities – resourceful site outlining services available for students with special emotional needs.
  • Learning Disabilities – behavioral issued in children are addressed in this article.


  • Education Resources – informative resource for special education students.
  • Special Education Resources – useful resource for children with special needs.
  • Resources for Special Education – helpful collection of resources for students in need of special services.
  • Special Education Toolbox – informative collection of resources for educators of students with special needs.