People are used to speaking what comes to mind to communicate their thoughts and wishes. Speech is something that comes naturally to us and is one of the most used of our senses. Whether talking with friends or family, yelling at a sporting event or giving a prepared speech, our voice is used frequently.

However, many times when people try to speak, there are problems. These voice disorders can range from mild cases such as overusing your voice to a point of becoming inaudible to regular disorders such as Chronic Laryngitis, vocal problems can exist in everyday life.

To learn more about some of the more common voice disorders, we have put together a number of resources for you to look over. From the information in this article, you can help understand several of the common voice disorders:

Acute Laryngitis

  • Voice and Swallowing Institute – helpful information on several common voice disorders.
  • Laryngitis – information on typical causes and treatment for Laryngitis.
  • Croup and Bronchitis – useful information on typical respiratory problems related to Laryngitis.
  • Laryngitis from Reflux – informative article aimed at singers, but can be helpful to all people as well.
  • Laryngitis – helpful collection of information about causes and treatment of problems associated with Laryngitis.
  • Acute Laryngitis – video showing the Larynx of a patient suffering from Acute Laryngitis.

Chronic Laryngitis

  • Chronic Laryngitis Overview – summary of the problems associated with the onset of Chronic Laryngitis.
  • Chronic Laryngitis – information on a chronic voice disorder that affects many people.
  • Voice Disorders – useful information on several varieties of vocal disorders that people suffer from.
  • Voice Disorder Information – informative site containing information on Chronic Laryngitis and other types of voice disorders.
  • Common Voice Disorders – outline of a variety of voice disorders including types of Chronic Laryngitis.
  • What is Laryngitis – summary of the types, causes and treatments of Laryngitis.

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LRD)

Voice Misuse and Overuse

  • Maintaining Vocal Health – prevention is stressed as a way to avoid misusing and overusing your voice.
  • Causes of Voice Disorders – helpful look at the causes of voice disorders, especially voice misuse and overuse.
  • Hoarseness – informative information on the conditions and treatments of hoarseness.
  • Voice Center – useful resource discussing prevention and treatment of voice misuse and overuse.
  • Voice Care – information and resources on caring for your voice.
  • Listen to Your Voice – helpful information on how your voice can tell is you are misusing or overusing your voice.

Voice Disorder Information

  • Voice Disorders – helpful information from Medline on various disorders of the voice.
  • Voice Disorders – useful resources covering a variety of topics on vocal disorders.
  • Speech Disorders – wide ranging information on different types of speech disorders.
  • Voice Disorders – overview of various vocal disorders that people suffer from.
  • Common Voice Disorders – listing of some of the common problems that people have with their voices.
  • Voice Problems – helpful resource covering a variety of common voice problems.