Unknown to most, fax machines have been in use for more than a century. That is not to say that they were always an affordable and popular method of communication, it was not until the early 1980’s that the use of fax machine technology became widely accepted in the business world. While faxing can be viewed as an affordable and practical method of business communication, its use is being rapidly phased out of the business world thanks in part to the popularity of email and other methods of electronic document communication.

Faxing technology should not be considered dated or too prehistoric for modern business use, there are still many benefits that can be experienced by faxing – especially for those small businesses tech savvy enough to request Internet based faxing services from their hosted small business VoIP provider.

Some of these wonderful and business enhancing benefits include:

a. Rapid and almost instantaneous data communication. Online fax messages are delivered instantly to the recipients email client (or fax machine).

b. Security and privacy are ensured. Online fax messages can be routed to a private email client. If that email client is secure then the recipient will be the primary individual to receive and view the documents (unlike traditional faxing that would go straight to a fax machine accessible to everyone).

c. Virtual faxes cannot get lost. A common complaint among traditional fax users was that their messages were often lost in a jumble of papers – or never received at all. Since VoIP faxes are delivered directly to an inbox there are no papers to sift through.

d. Online fax can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Since Online faxes are sent as email attachments they can be received or sent from any correctly configured email platform, including PDAs and smart phones – a huge benefit to employees on the road.

e. No more busy signals. Anyone familiar with traditional faxing knows how frustrating it can be to need to send a fax or receive on only to find that there are dozens of faxes ahead of yours. Online based faxing allows for any number of faxes to be sent or received simultaneously to a single telephone number or email address.

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