Fax machines, in one form or another, have been in use since 1843. Historically to send a fax the user would attach a piece of paper to a rotating drum, with the print facing outward.  To transmit the information through a telephone line, fax machines employed a very simple technique: If the spot of paper that the photo cells were viewing was white, the fax machine would transmit one tone; if it were black, it would transmit a different tone.

The receiving fax machine would contain a similar rotating drum and a mechanical pen to dot mark the paper.  Depending on the tone sent by the sending fax machine, the receiving machine would either apply or remove the pen from the paper.

Traditional fax machines were complicated pieces of machinery with motors and finely tuned rotating parts.   Fax machines quickly became a common feature of many offices. More common, however, where the problems associated with the traditional fax machine.

With the rise of IP telephony and virtual infrastructure, paper jams and downed phone lines have become an issue of the past.  Businesses are now realizing the benefits of  Internet based fax systems.

Internet fax delivers a dramatic reduction in communication costs, most notably when exchanging long faxes overseas or between distant offices.

Being as there are no telephone connection charges associated with sending a fax via the Internet, the cost of sending a fax is completely covered by a fixed Internet connection fee.

There are many advantages of implementing an Internet based fax system, including:
The elimination of the need to install a second phone line.
The Green eco-friendly option of paperless communication, integrated with e-mail.
The ability to send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously.
A noticeable reduction in telephone operating expense.
The ability to send and receive faxes from any location maintaining Internet access.

Vfax with Nextiva offers consumers many benefits, including the ability to send and receive fax by e-mail, Microsoft Office, any web portal or even through a conventional fax machine.  With vFax there are no more busy signals, no more lost or missed faxes, the freedom to access faxes from anywhere – even from a mobile phone and privacy is always ensured.

Internet fax is a valuable solution to those enterprises looking to receive the best in IP telephony while reaping the rewards of monetary savings and functionality.