Nextiva’s phone service requires a high-speed Internet connection in order for it to work. Prior to making the switch to Nextiva (or switching Internet Service Providers), it is helpful to understand what type of Internet speeds are required with Nextiva. With an understanding of the resources your phone service will require, your experience with Nextiva would be better.

The amount of bandwidth required is associated with the number of live calls you plan to have. Therefore the more employees (with phones) you have, the more bandwidth you need. You can simply multiply the number of employees (live calls) with 80 (kbps) to understand your upload and download speed requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not account for your other network requirements. In order to get a complete understanding of your Internet usage, check your router in order to see if it provides usage data statistics.

We highly recommend businesses consult with a Nextiva Account Executive prior to purchasing phones and/or service. With the proper information, research, and planning – your VoIP experience will be smooth (and fun).
To learn more about the phones we recommend with Nextiva, visit the business VoIP phones page.