Social MediaOf course your business is active on social media—you’ve got Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, and you’re posting, pinning and tweeting all day. But is your social media activity one-sided? Like a big-mouth at a party, are you only posting, pinning and tweeting about yourself, while never stopping to listen to what others have to say?

If so, you’re wasting a huge opportunity. Social media offers you unprecedented ability to listen to your customers’ wants, needs and desires without having to conduct expensive surveys or time-consuming cold-call campaigns. Instead, you can simply watch your social media accounts to see what customers are saying about you.

To get the best results from listening on social media, try these 3 tips:

  • See what gets attention. What products, services or aspects of your business are customers most interested in? Do more people respond when you offer special deals or discounts, or do they get more excited about events (such as a special tasting menu at your restaurant) or limited-edition products? Once you start paying attention, it’s simple to do more of what gets results, and less of what doesn’t.
  • Focus on responding. Instead of worrying about what to say about your business, focus on responding to what your customers are saying. That could mean replying to or commenting on their posts or retweeting relevant content. It could mean dealing with customer complaints on social media or probing deeper into customers’ interests.
  • Ask questions. Tweeting or posting quick questions, informal polls or surveys is a great way to find out customers’ likes and dislikes. By asking their opinions, you’ll not only show them that you care and make them feel engaged with your business, but you’ll also gain valuable information that can guide your future business decisions.